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Sending Clarity and Love to Earth & a New Angel is Born

Friday morning, April 8, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“Well," said Edgar, "it might be easier in the times ahead to meet in another place. But what help is that now?” He was referring to my suggestion that the interstellar team meet in the New Jerusalem. “I understand and agree.” I said, “But where is the cottage? – a space for me to write?” "You have Van Pius*. Make your plan and your agenda, and follow through." replied Edgar. "Just do it. Persevere. You are stuck in old traces – old mind sets. They are good, but old. They no longer apply. You need a re-vamp. You need to reinvent yourself. First things first." “Great," I said, "I'm trying." "Well then, succeed." said Edgar.

“All right, meeting come to order." Edgar announced. I finished an exchange with Otiah* about healing some Native American images. He had suggested that when I come into Native American country, I might get caught up in that issue on the spiritual plane. He had hoped I would help heal things. I had to clear up my own images – right then. And I did.

“So now what else can this group do?" Edgar asked. Arihimsa* said, "perhaps we should take Otiah's suggestion one step further. Let us experience it. Let us send clarity to the Noetics* specifically – that they may see the truth and efficacy of working with the ideas we are generating. Like we did in the first circle of our coming together, let us put our clearest image of the books, the blog, the messages, and the cooperative process as we envision it, into the centre of the circle. Let us ask Christ's blessing and then, when we feel and know that it is right, accurate, and complete, send these impulses down to the Institute, to all who are involved. We can then extend our inspiration to any and all like-minded folk who intentionally support and swell the tide of change of consciousness and expansion of the world view. This is an effective pattern and process used throughout the inhabited galaxies."

So we did. The circle stood silently. Halo* was happy to participate, because she had good wishes for humanity now. She entered the thought of enough food for all people, and that the basis of clean water and shelter be created and made available to all. This central idea was then augmented by others. Gregor* and Siridon* both mutually embellished the thought of the potential transformation from war as the ultimate challenge, proving ground, and energy expenditure; to saving human lives in natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, and volcanoes. The courage and manpower needed are every bit as intense as the fabrications of war, but the end result of all the expenditures is a better way of life for the whole world. More and more thoughts and feelings of how a clear understanding of the forces in opposition to such kind, loving ways of human interaction and behaviors were added to the centre of the circle.

Arihimsa had cleared the space and prepared the centre of the circle with sonorous tones that had carried each of us deep into our hearts. Now a stream of golden love flowed out from each heart and glowed in the centre. Clear thought energy flowed from all minds and warm compassionate will to act, flowed from our raised hands. The energies and colors began to move and separate and create a form. Out of the radiance stepped a powerful angelic being. "I am Michaelina*." She said. “I will carry these impulses of clarity of mind based on cosmic truth, inclusiveness of heart, and strength, power, and will to accomplish the tasks necessary to right the world, learn the lessons, and fulfill Earth's destiny; to the Institute of Noetic Sciences* and all who work therein."

She was carrying a basket filled with the forces of awakening, spiritual perception, and intuition of the evolutionary path it would be wise to take. As the only living one, who will be relating to the Noetics, I stepped forward and asked for her blessing and bestowal. She reached into her basket and then touched my third eye. "Clarity of mind, you already have, but more is always possible.”She said. "In time your mind will expand to encompass all that is. Christ in you.*"

Again, she dipped her hand into the basket and brought more glowing substance to my heart. She blessed it, saying, "May your love overflow to all, sourced in the being of love – Christ in you."

For the third time, she took the radiant substance from her basket and touched my hands and feet. The light began to pulse rhythmically in lemniscates and intricate patterns between them. "Your will is powerful, charged, and enduring. The gifts of your creations are avenues of manifestation. Seek and you shall find, knock and doors will be opened. Christ in you." "Thank you," I said feeling serene and centered

Michaelina addressed the whole circle, “I will bring your thoughts and wishes to the Institute of Noetic Sciences. The spiritual being who has been at the centre, has wearied of his task. He holds too tightly, now. There is little room for spiritual truth or cosmic inclusion. We can work together, he and I, for the renewing of the goals and vision that Edgar implanted in the beginning.”

“This renewing impulse from on high – these spiritual realms – will infuse the people with enthusiasm and renewed vigor to accomplish the marriage of spirit and science. He who remains is science. I am spirit. We are partners and will work together for the new Renaissance of human expansion and creativity. I am an angel of the Solar Logos*, given form and destiny by your united intentions, thoughts, and feelings, and the power of your will in having acted from your true heart's desires. Christ's blessing and gratitude I leave with you and bring in abundance to those it is ordained for and who will receive it. All who enter the presence of the Institute may receive according to their will and capacity. Thank you all."

As she finished communicating with us, a great shaft of pure white light descended on her from above and she moved slowly and gracefully down ward, carried by the light. When she had disappeared and the light had dimmed, we moved closer into the circle and linked arms. We intensified our wishes, hopes, and intentions, and poured them downward after Michaelina.

To conclude this morning's meeting, Edgar recited part of a poem by Rudolf Steiner* for us as we stood in the circle’s embrace:

“This teaches us trust in the workings of God, in all that there is

in the width of the world, in the depths of the soul.*"

Afterwards, I was working on myself, attempting to perceive what my next steps are to be. I asked Edgar, “shall I talk to the many IONS groups where I am going, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, California?”"He said," Yes, people need to know of the Spirit behind all things and learn to discern here on the physical, etheric, astral and mental planes, who and what is the force behind their impulses, their actions, and their lives."

I watched as Michaelina met with the present guide of the Noetic Institute. He was very happy to meet her and to be able to loosen his grip, relax a bit, and enjoy her presence. They are a good mix and balance together.

Since I don't really know the individuals who are the scientists and staff at the Institute, I asked Edgar if I could observe him as he brings his intentions and goals to them. He said, "Yes, from a distance." So I did. There is a group of discarnate souls who have been involved in the institute. They were the ones who Edgar was talking with when I first rose up to check on him. (They were not the clairvoyants in the projects. As Edgar had said, only a couple of them contacted the office saying they had communicated with him after he died.)

The discarnate souls are making visitations to the Noetics. I asked if there is anything the Warriors of the Rainbow Light* could do, and it became clear that they could hold any encroaching ahrimanic beings* at bay, until Edgar and his troops could get their message across. The living people's own unredeemed aspects, they will have to deal with themselves. But any external interlopers may not trespass the circle of protection the Warriors of the Rainbow Light create around them– for the occasion of Edgar and the troops transmissions to their friends and former colleagues.

Edgar is telling Dean Radin*, “Your studies are fine – just rudimentary and statistical –merely an abstraction of past events. It's like the preliminaries or the introduction. Now, and soon, the next step should begin – how to utilize the abilities you have charted, graphed, and numbered to good effect.

So what is it that we should apply our psy powers towards?

  1. Basic earthly fairness and respect – cultural, social, economic, ecological. You know the drill.

  2. Psychological health for all. Release pressure from the external world and the damned illusion of separation, competition, and mind-control by the elite, who own and manipulate most of the world. Heal the wounds of past trauma, each our own and the collective unconscious which is the negative thought forms that crowd and obscure earth’s ethereal and astral realms.”

Spiritually, we must develop our inter-dimensional organs of perception, and come to clearly understand how the unseen parts of ourselves function. We must observe how the spiritual beings and ET's – not in physical form, are influencing us. And then we can become creative and influence the manifestation of noble, good, true, and beautiful intentions – all the way from world peace to personal happiness, which, of course, are inextricably linked.

“Anyway Dean," said Edgar, "I will send this message through Kienda on the material plane also. Take it as best you can. Continue with your surveys and fact gathering and think ahead for applications."

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