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Interstellar Party Time – Each Person Creates Their Own Sacredness Anew and Afresh Each Day

Thursday morning, April 7, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

When I arrived for social time everyone was having a party. The three boys, Ahh, Bey, and Tsey* were playing a game with a ball. Plava Laguna_ (from the movie The Fifth Element* ) was singing with Arihimsa*. Siridon* and Gregor* had taken lion form and were dancing and jumping, leaping and twisting. Edgar and I looked at each other. What can humans do? He grabbed me in a tango embrace and we tangoed through everyone. We were all laughing. Edgar said, "We are going to offer an interstellar circus some day." The alarm bell on my phone rang. "Hear them pretty bells a-ringin’*?” We all composed ourselves and circled up with eyes flashing, cheeks rosy, and hearts beating happily. This is another way for humans to etherize the blood. How good it is to laugh and cavort with the team, my new and old friends.”

Edgar said, "Welcome jolly crew. Let's do this kind of thing more often – games, dances, singing from around the universe, and just good old silly stuff. So now with a light heart and deep breathing let's focus on this morning's meeting. Well, we've got a little work to do on the Noetics. They are not quite ready to make the jump. I/we will have to communicate more loudly. Perhaps, Kienda, you should take their intuition test and get involved at some point. Do the surveys now. There are many aspects of your gifts you are not aware of, many applications of your skills that you have not used. You will not lose yourself or 'Christ in you.' You will not damage or water-down your abilities. More understanding will expand their range and effect, and that is good. I would ask you to trust yourself, us, the team, and awakening humanity. For the first time in your life, trust is asked for and must be developed. Trust in the ultimate good behind all things. I know and agree with you – trust in even one's self and people is a crap shoot at best, but now with the new dispensation of cosmic energy, Christ pouring unconditional love from the astral world, and Lucifer's redemption*, there is a firm grounding for trust in the divine plan. We have made it to another turning point in time. We will make it. Planet Earth will survive. Masses of people are awakening and humanity will evolve. We just need to work like dogs now – because, the sooner the better. The more completely dedicated the better. The more joyfully, the better.”

“We here are doing our darndest. Let's do what we can to get the Noetics on board. I began that group to bring the spiritual component of the universe down to earth. My epiphany was to see beyond the dense constraints imprisoning earth. I was free and in physically higher dimensions, as well as having an experience of the Spirit behind, beneath, above, and within all creation. Now that cannot be weighed or measured. One cannot squeeze a drop of blood out of it. It can only be accepted, received, and experienced. The results of such an epiphany can be observed. And the changes and transformation of body, soul, heart, and mind, are definitely chartable. And those little changes in behavior, emotions and even physiology and anatomy, are delicate, and don't appreciate being boxed off from the rest of the living, breathing person. But right now, it's what we have got to work with.”

“I, Edgar Mitchell, was one of the first aware of the golden egg metamorphosis (just saying) in plantings from Project: Redemption Lucifer*. It was so much a part of me that I almost forgot. My Dragon is well developed and can be huge or workable size. He is midnight blue and he accompanied me on my flights into space.” (I, Kienda, can see Edgar’s Dragon and it is indeed huge, powerful, and magnificent. Edgar is no ordinary man, never once in this lifetime or many past either. He often played a role on the world stage. Telling his story through past lives will be fascinating.

Edgar continued, “So the human side must remain in the stories. Each is an Odysseus*, like me, Edgar, plying uncharted waters to gain greater, more creative, self-consciousness. My own development, Kienda's, all other humans, and the evolution of other beings on other star systems; it's all just grist for the mill – that slow, majestic cycle of life, death, birth, and infinity, as Kienda is so fond of saying. OK then – till this afternoon.”

Thursday afternoon, April 7, 2016

Edgar greeted me with, "It's fine if you don't give the talk at the UFO group in San Diego. It's not really time – that will come a bit later. We need to settle ourselves first. I do hope the Noetics can get on board. Otherwise we just joined the lunatic fringe. I am not only the new Odysseus, I am a true lunar-tic." We all giggled. "That's great,” said Edgar, “we have been doing a lot of laughing today."

“It's true also that I have about three years before things will dramatically change for me up here. So we must make hay while the sun shines. I'll be close when things happen regarding the redemption of Lucifer. I'm excited. These are thrilling times we live and die in."

“We shall commence with the session," said Edgar solemnly. "Perhaps we can clarify what humanity needs at this moment. I feel that there has been so much deceit and confusion sown into every culture that humanity has lost the ability to discern truth from half-lies. Education has not fostered clear thinking or an analytical mind, nor true logical, sequential thinking – therefore children do not learn the basics of creative thought, and people the world over, have tightly gripped whatever they could to fill the void of clear thinking – religions, fundamentalist dogma of every sort, science, psychology, philosophy, etc. For the thinking human being – which everyone ought to be – what is needed is accurate information, actual facts, and access to the range of opinions on each subject."

“And then there is the problem of the heart – the wounds and brokenness that closes the emotions down to a pittance. Our feeling responses to the world offer information also. The simple fact is: our experiences are important – each and every response is valid. It is an emotional reflection of our gut reaction to what is happening around us. What we need is permission to experience our feelings fully. And we need acceptable, socially aware means of expressing them. Only by acknowledging our emotions first, can we come to know their source and how they can be appropriately expressed, transmuted, or transformed, as needed.”

“And when it comes to doing and creating lives we want to live, what humanity needs is again permission, compassionate support, and encouragement to act upon our heart’s desires and clearly considered thoughts."

“Now that the turning point has come, humanity is awakening. People are yearning for truth, beauty, and goodness. They feel a strong desire to be happy and productive in their daily lives. Our societies have been so controlled, dominated, and manipulated, that the masses of people have not felt freedom, much less supportive permission to create fulfilling lives. They have been too busy surviving in a world stacked against them and trying to live up to the lifestyle touted on all the media. It has not led to happiness and creative fulfillment of life's destiny.”

“So how can we help to change all that? How can we support the awakening of humanity and then support the creation of new ways of being, living, thinking and feeling that will inspire the best in everyone?”

“Otiah* from Morrow Rock* spoke up. “There have been many traditions and celebrations that have furthered joy and productivity among many peoples on earth. We, Native Americans, had so many little daily things we engaged in to affirm the noble, good, beautiful, true, and spiritual in our lives – from greeting the sun every morning, to thanking the plants and animals that offer themselves for food, to ritual cleansing with water. All cultures and societies have had these simple acts of conscious acknowledgment of the unseen forces of beneficence behind physical matter. These have been lost to much of the population now, because of isolation from nature herself, and the arid, lifeless culture of the mass-produced, forced consumership of things, that often end up obscuring human encounters, and in the end, create heaps of waste and garbage which further clutters our environment."

“Many of the old ways do not address the needs of our present time and situations. I think that if we could find ways to insinuate a consciousness of the Spirit into today's lifestyle, that would be very helpful." “Thank you, Otiah, well spoken and true." said Edgar in appreciation. "We will reflect on that."

I added, "perhaps now it is not so much specific actions or verses etc. that is needed, but permission to freely indulge desires to express in sound and movement, color and other artistic means – singing and dancing throughout the day, or making beautiful by artistic presentations of mundane earthly activities and objects – setting the table, sweeping the floor, gardening, singing to children, pets, and loved ones etc. We must eat. We must sleep. We must clean. We must contribute to the community and society. Those life sustaining activities could be hallowed by applying consciousness in our doing of them - a joyful consciousness."

Edgar smiled broadly and said, “That is a lovely idea – each person creating their own sacredness anew and afresh each day. Perhaps the way we, up here, can foster that ideal on earth, is to be absolutely clear, and power-pack the thoughts as we bless everyone on earth with new energy for discovering the sacred within, and encouraging its expression in all forms. We here also might take the time whenever anyone here speaks truth – which we all do all the time to the best of our abilities – to send it down to earth in a thoughtful way. It's like setting little candles in paper boats afloat out into the river. In this case, when our clear thoughts and pure energies reach a receptive human heart and mind, it will kindle a flame within them to strive to achieve and manifest such an enjoyable goal within their own lives. Only people who have these desires within themselves will resonate and be inspired. If a person does not have any such thoughts, feelings, or aims within themselves, the wishes will just float on by. People are left in perfect freedom. To resonate or not to resonate, that is the deciding factor."

“Thank you all. To be continued with other suggestions tomorrow morning.” And Edgar signed off.

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