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Reptilian Wisdom Applied to Earthly Affairs in the 21st Century & Garth Majid’s Home Star System

Tuesday afternoon, April 5, 2016

“Well," Edgar said in happy surprise, "we are all here on time and ready to go. Garth Majid*, would you like to recap and continue?" The gentle, giant Reptilian rose slowly and said, "Thank you, Edgar, yes. I was simply telling the tale of the separation of my race into very different factions with diverse and often opposing mental and emotional states. I had explained how the amoral groups had no relationship to the values of the others and so often trespassed their free will to choose their own way of life, and dominated, controlled, and virtually enslaved many cultures on our own home planet. “

“As we all moved along in technological expertise, they, the dark ones, began to conquer other planets and star systems. "I almost said 'we' again, because at one time I did stay back to experience that way of being, and although glory and ferocious victory are potent and addictive states, I did not really embrace the violence, and the pain and suffering it brought. In all the succeeding steps up the vibratory ladder, I was happy to be amongst the first up."

“An understanding of the various bodies of all forms of evolving entities, with emphasis on the humanoid variety, of which Reptilian's are one, is invaluable when comprehending how mental, emotional, and physical manipulation in the negative, or inspiration to the positive, works. The higher planes impress those below themselves. The physical is influenced from the etheric world. Patterns that are created in the ethers impress matter and influence physical forms and behaviors. Obscuring or clarifying rhythms can be introduced into the etheric world and affect the physical bodies of humans – EMFs, chaotic frequencies, and erratic changes as well as music, rhythm, and harmony, affect all living beings."

“Emotional forms and colors impact the whole astral body of Earth and all her inhabitants. The rainbow, beautiful stained glass windows, flowers, and all pleasing colors raise the emotional astral vibrations. Whereas the lurid glow of cities at night, the colors of bombs bursting in air, the manipulation of color in design and environments, the cold grey of cement buildings etc., all affect the emotional states of the humans who experienced them – usually to the negative. These polar feelings either increase or constrict etheric energies below – which again, influences the physical world."

“And in the mental realm, it is possible to insert ideas, plans, and concepts for either positive or negative goals. All the destructive technology was insinuated directly into the individual scientist’s and engineer’s minds. They had no ability to discern the ulterior motives or comprehend the disastrous results of their 'bright ideas.' All positive creativity in philosophy, literature, and art, also are inspired from above. The astral body responds to the thoughts and ideas with either attraction or repulsion – like or dislike – which again, affects the physical world "

“Humanity must awaken to the sensorially imperceptible realms. Learn to discern and think clearly in all aspects of their existence – physical, etheric, astral, mental/spiritual. Only then will you humans be able to exercise an informed free will. Now you are playing the game of life without a full deck. Now you are still so vulnerable, even at this crucial moment of pending disclosure of the existence of extraterrestrials. We are not the creator gods. We are evolutionary species far in advance of you in the solar system."

“I desire to help you catch up to your own potential. I will in no way trespass your free will by any means. I only wish to share information which can lead to each individual's 'aha' experience. Sharing stories is one such way. I am honored to have the opportunity to do so. In the future I will take Kienda to my home planet and she can tell my personal story in a biographical fashion of some of my incarnations. Blougahh* is a mythic figure for all Reptilian's whether we appreciate his story or not. There are many others who have influenced the whole race and I am one of these. Thank you again." And Garth Majid sat down with eyes twinkling and virtually glowing.

“Indeed, thank you," said Edgar. "This is thought-provoking. I know that every planet has had to deal with these realities which can be used for good or evil results. We humans must look at Earth and ourselves and observe what is happening, and under what and whose influence and to what end goals – just another little step along the path. Thank you all.”

Wednesday morning, April 6, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Edgar and I were talking before the meeting about issues. The transgender issue is about etheric predominance. The ethers are the opposite polarity charge to the gender in the physical. Where is the astral in that case? When the physical body has been forcibly, hormonally changed and the etheric body has taken its preferred polarity, the astral body must follow suit and veer to its opposite to maintain a balance in the bodies.

The meeting began. “Okay now upward and onward. What should we work on today?? Is it time to deepen content.” Edgar continued, "We won't know the content yet because it will only arise through our interaction and the synergy and serendipity that arises in the moment. Garth Majid* told a little story of his race and his own personality, but there is so much more. A journey to the Akasha* and a living experience will reveal some of that. Garth gave us an outline. More might now be filled in. Or shall we hear another brief outline from someone else?”

“I am willing to go deeper if that is appropriate." I interjected, having the feeling that Edgar had concerns about my time and ability to do that. "We could give it a try."

Garth-Majid spoke up. "She is already viewing my planet and our architecture." So I went to Garth-Majid’s star system somewhere near Orion. He, and the people like him, live in a delicately transparent state. Their planet is far from their sun and nothing – no plant life grows there. They have transcended the physical dimensions so don't need to eat and sustain physical bodies. Their architecture as Garth mentioned consists of transparent domes – clean, clear, smaller or larger depending on what happens within them, and beautiful. There is no furniture or much of anything else in the domes. Colors, and a few objects like crystals, geometric shapes, and bells that sound, are created in the ether and astral realms for special occasions. Very little is tempo or time-based, so the objects only exist as desired for specific purposes. Their form on their home planet – home now, but as they ascend they moved to different planets within their star system – is Reptilian with diaphanous wings. They exist on etheric, astral, mental, and spiritual planes now.

Garth-Majid took his form for our team from one of his earlier physical incarnation's when he was the wise Yoda* of his star system, before his people in their human stage ascended up beyond the physical. He enjoys remembering and reflecting on that last physical life and he continues to make new and deeper realizations about it. In a way, this stage, that this branch of his race has attained, is like a long human afterlife where they can look back over all their lifetimes, wrap up unfinished little issues, infuse each moment with love and consciousness, and leave their star system better by being totally impregnated with higher consciousness and love.

I am watching the rotation of the two suns in this binary system. The orbit of the middle planets, and Garth's is one of these, move in lemniscates around both suns on a two million year cycle – a year being a rotation around one sun like ours. Then the pull of the other sun becomes stronger in a rhythmic million year cycle and the planet is caught and orbiting the second sun.

The third, fourth, and fifth planets move in this lemniscate. The two closest planets move around only one sun each. And the three in the far reaches move around both at the same time. The farthest out planet orbits both suns together in a huge elliptical orbit. It is just a whisper in the star system and it is inhabited by a very retrograde group of Garth's race. The interior is honeycombed with tunnels and large caverns. The inhabitants here are those who chose the retrograde path again and again. They are bound to the physical and are raiders and pillagers in their star system – wrecking havoc in the communities of physically manifest Reptilians. Garth's world is imperceptible to them so they have no interest in his planet.

I stopped for a moment to observe the tiny, cold, dark orb and thought about the redemption of the Reptilians there. One came out to greet me. I kept my distance because I felt that it wanted to capture me and drag me down into the caves. But that is not my destiny, and I am safe with Garth-Majid. I watched as the disappointed Reptilian returned to his cave, telling the others, “I almost caught one of them. I deceived it with sympathy and it came near, but it got away at the last moment. It looked delicious. So sorry." I tuned out the furor this caused in the group and return to day waking consciousness. Edgar said, "It's over," meaning the meeting.

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