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The Primal History of Reptilian Races in the Universe – Garth Majid’s Story

Tuesday morning, April 5, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“Welcome," began Edgar, "Kienda has forgone the social time today and is ready for our meeting. Yesterday, after the reiteration of our mission, we broke the jobs into smaller parts. What are the findings, please?" And Edgar smiled around the circle.

Garth-Majid* stood up and spoke. "We four Reptilian's discussed the influencing and inspiring of Humans. In the past, for me and my three young friends, Ahh, Bey, and Tsey*, and to this day by the unscrupulous of our race, mind control was a common practice. When subduing either an individual, another race, or a whole planet's population, mind-control was and still is used to pervert the thinking process and the exercise of free will, since normally no one would choose to be manipulated and used for agendas in opposition to their rightful evolution.”

“In the ancient of times when the creation of this universe was new and in progress, very few planets had developed to the point of possible habitation for a species that could manifest physically and express free will in their consciousness and functioning. It takes a delicate interplay of forces and circumstances to accomplish such a state. Time after time whole star systems crashed and burned as the creator gods practiced and learned to balance time and space and create harmony between and among dimensions. When enough time had passed, moderation was established in a few star systems and conditions were right for the dip into manifestation of prepared races and species of self-conscious beings. At first there was no free will, only survival instincts among the beings in relation to the elements of the physical world.”

“My race, the Reptilians, was the first to develop cohesive self-consciousness under the still extreme environments on some of the first habitable planets. Our skin is a reminder of the harsh conditions we materialized into from out of the higher vibratory planes which are the origins of all physical manifestation. In the beginning of my race, and there were a few others, survival in the harsh worlds did not allow time or energy for the niceties of culture we all experience now. It was rather like the Neanderthal world but physical conditions of the planet surface were extreme – quakes, volcanoes, sulphurous rain, etc. The rudiments of emotion where aggression and fear with not much in between. I am telling this part of the story to help understand the values of some of the branches of my race, who to this day have remained uncomplicatedly aggressive and who use immoral practices of mind-control from an amoral point of view.”

“The conceptual matrix will include a diagram of the upward evolution of all life. A point to be observed will be the division of each group when the time for ascension into a major new vibratory level occurs within the whole star system. There are always some who succeed in learning the lessons and acquire the skills and mental states necessary to rise to a new realm. There are always a few who have not accomplished the necessary tasks and are simply not able to vibrate in higher, finer frequencies and so remain in their present state. They are joined there by a host of those rising up from below who have learned their lessons and ascended upward to join them. This separation occurs at every major change. After eons, each realm is inhabited by many variations of evolutionary status, further complicated by the fact that in the higher realms of the creator gods, one or more may actually choose to remain behind in order to continue their creative work in the lower realms. It is a long and complicated story.”

“My point is: because we are one of the oldest races in this galaxy, we have gone through numerous ascensions up the vibratory ladder and there have been many separations of our race. At this time, some of us, and I am one, have almost always learned the lessons of the dimension we lived in and were able to rise upward. Conversely, there are many who have consistently remained behind or who have spent many more incarnations in a lower sphere, though a few incarnations have moved forward. There are species and sub-species of Reptilians who have developed intelligence but not emotions. Others are still living in passionate aggression or fear but have not acquired an open mind. There are many permutations of many factors."

“Those who developed intelligence but not heartfelt emotions learned mind-control of others in the service of amoral self-indulgence. I say 'amoral' because morality results from unifying empathetic resonance with another human being, which stimulates respectful, nurturing responses, from which causing pain is an anathema; and a commitment to leaving the other person free. The lower members of my race do not have these feelings. Through eons of poor choices or lack of choice they have remained in the survival mode of separation – all against all. They have sometimes moved up through the ranks but most often they have stayed behind. They understand how to manipulate various aspects of the constitutions of the races they wish to conquer and control. The first is by sheer force of strength and number, and intense aggression.”

“There were explorers of my race in ancient times who prepared many planets for take-over when the time was ripe. Lucifer is one of those. He genetically modified primitive humanity's medulla oblongata, the 'reaction to external stimulus' part of the brain, now even called the reptilian brain stem due to the survival-at-all-costs default setting programmed by Lucifer so long ago. That tampering was, in part, a hook into human consciousness that could be pulled and stimulated to survival frenzy by those knowing the key to activation. Of course, life itself furnished experiences that activated a complex set of physical hormonal activities as well as the emotional reactions. They had their functions for survival, but the survival instinct at the expense of everyone and everything else, should not be allowed to dominate cultures and dictate human relationships. Since precipitation out of the spiritual realms into physically manifest form, humans have achieved the attribute of free will. However, with the ancient reptilian brain stem functioning, humanity was not completely free and was susceptible to temptation and manipulation. Spiritual beings of a negative persuasion, who had remained behind during the ascensions of the creator gods, sent emissaries to influence the planet when humanity was vulnerable. It is a pattern all over the galaxy – the universe, in fact. In all realms where duality is a factor, the opposition to evolution can and must work. It is the ultimate goad to self-conscious free will.”

“How do they do it now – dominate and control? Again, the conceptual matrix is a framework to understand the how's and why's of observable phenomena. And in this instance, an understanding of the various aspects, bodies or dimensions of the contemporary human being is valuable: the physical, etheric*, and astral* bodies and mental, spiritual Ego/I*. The physical body has connections to each of the other bodies through organs and functions. The physical body is easily manipulated by substances. Sugar, drugs, alcohol, pesticides, heavy metals in refined forms, plastics, food and all environmental toxins are substances which trigger physiological responses that are detrimental to a healthy body, calm emotions, and clear thinking. The natural functions of the body are disturbed, and damage is done to the physical matter, hastening death before all the lessons are mastered and one's destiny fulfilled."

“Emotions are manipulated by substances and by psychological trauma – false flags, fear mongering lies, and imposed artificial states through the manipulation of politics, finances, etc.”

“Mental potential is dulled by substances and negative emotional states. The 'hooks' in the mental realm are repressive, limited education; retrograde religious dogma; antiquated cultural norms; and many other aspects and individualized permutations of manipulative control.”

Garth-Majid paused for a moment, "time on earth is moving along. I will conclude at another time. Thank you."

“Oh no," Edgar said, "thank you, Garth-Majid. It is a fascinating tale you tell and immensely pertinent to our times and to the goals of our team. Yes, to be continued and concluded."

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