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We Must Learn to Do Psychically Everything That Can Be Done With Technology

Monday Afternoon – April 4, 2016

“So Edgar, what do you think of David Wilcock*?” I asked after having read his newsletter about his new book on ascension and all his disclosure information. “Well, it looks like he beat us to the punch – and Lyssa* too. The issue of disclosure is up for everyone – disclosure, ET contact, ancient aliens, and on and on. There are a few glitches in their world views, however, and Pollyanna hope for something that is not possible for a millennium yet to come.”

“We have so much to learn before we are ready to leave the physical dimension behind. No amount of contact or interaction with ETs or even breaking up the cabal, is going to bring ascension out of the physical realm. We humans have so much to learn and are so gullible and lazy that just about everyone wants an easy, technical fix, and stress-free movement 'outa ' here. Not in the cards. Or really, many people want an easy physical life devoted to pleasure with technologically assisted longevity, etc. – also, not in the cards.”

“This is the realistic aspect we must include. People must wake up to the fact that we must learn to do psychically, everything that can be done with technology. Those are the lessons we must learn to penetrate the mysteries of the physical world, and live and work in harmony with the cosmic laws manifest as matter. Then and only then will we be able to accomplish the resurrection and ascension of our individual bodies in the proper way and avoid entrapment in spiritual materialism.”

“For that realization to dawn in human minds, they need a larger picture of evolution and reincarnation. They need to understand the evolution of all matter and the beings in all dimensions and realms. The picture is bigger than most people can even imagine. We have a millennium yet to learn and accomplish the task of ascension out of the physical into the etheric plane as our lowest body, and at the same time, to develop the Spirit-Self *– the vehicle of true spiritual vision.”

“If we were to ascend now, we would be deaf and blind in the higher planes – fools and patsies to unscrupulous beings and ETs who inhabit those planes. The war of Good versus Evil is far from over and pervades many realms above us in terms of spiritual creator gods and also ETs from other star systems far advanced technologically beyond us.”

“Earth is at a crucial point in the evolution of its people and herself, although it has been hurried into the present dilemma, against the lawful flow of earthly time. Atomic energy and its destructive applications have catapulted Earth into an inclement future present. Humanity has utilized the gift of free will to embrace vipers and evil. So be it. Now we have to redeem them to save ourselves. And that is a long process which would have been the task in the future, but we allowed it into our present. We are not very well equipped to deal with it – radiation damage to the ethers. We haven't awakened to our power of mind to penetrate and heal matter. We run around thinking the latest technology will do that for us. It prolongs the agony and makes the eventual tackling of the task much harder. We will be starting from further behind.”

“Anyway, so what do I think of these young people and ever hopeful, naive older new-agers? I think there is a rude awakening in store. I think humanity needs a balanced and realistic look at where we came from, where we are, and where we are going. That way we can make an informed choice about the best way to get there and what needs to be avoided as either mere distraction, or utter destruction of human goals. An understanding of the hierarchies* is needed. A down to earth, nuts and bolts understanding of reincarnation* and karma* is also needed. Energy and a realistic optimism are needed to tread lightly into a realistic future. My God, do people really think that getting off the earth will make things easier and better? If we can't tend properly to Earth, our beloved home, and keep life reasonable on this gorgeous, generous, bountiful planet, what do we think we will be doing in higher planes or on other star systems?”

“And disclosure? Everyone thinks, ‘Well, great, then we the people will get all the perks of the ET technology, etc’. But without a pact with the tempting devils, the technology will not be produced and distributed to every Jack and Jill, without the mark of the beast – or some such scenario. The ETs who gave us atomic bombs are not the kind we should be taking suggestions from, much less making pacts and signing contracts. The technology is not worth losing one's soul for.”

“Clean technology, yes. Simple green energy sources for all, yes. Bringing technological improvements down to daily life is a good idea, but those ideas and concepts are readily available now. We don't need disclosure to access them – just an open mind, a pure heart, and a strong determined will. Besides, the only disclosure the government or NASA or the military or the cabal can make, is their dealings with the dark-side Extra-Terrestrials, and it will only be a deeper, stickier web of confusion, lies and deceit, with ulterior motives lurking everywhere.”

“Each individual can make contact with beings of higher realms now. It is especially appropriate with beloved family, friends, co-workers, etc, who have died. We, the so-called-dead, are available and accessible to open minds and pure hearts also. Love is the invitation, the calling card, the pathway and connection.”

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