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Debriefing Edgar’s Memorial Day

Sunday Morning – April 3, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“So let's begin,” Edgar opened. “There's lots to do and much to debrief.”

“Wooo, I agree.” I said. “Yesterday was pretty wonderfully intense.” “And a great success,” Edgar added. “It was choreographed to perfection and people responded excellently. But of course, now we must persevere and see to the follow through. I am happy with Marilyn's* response. She is a no-nonsense kind of girl. She 'got' you pretty accurately, Kienda, and in the best way possible. She has her projects, and she could/will be great as the 'point person' and administrator of Project Cosmic Odyssey*.”

“So, today, let's try something new and different. Instead of each one of us speaking our thoughts individually, let us put them into a common thought pool and see how they synergize and if Kienda can pick them up in a cohesive way. It works that way anyway – we will just add another step of consciousness to the synergy

“Well, Kienda is not ready to do this alone – so I, Edgar, will organize it in blocks.” He said this after we stood in a circle and everyone added their aspects to a hologram in the center that grew from the inside central point out to become a living being of intelligence. “Overwhelmed, I went into my memory of the overwhelm in Shasta* when I came late and was ushered into the theatre where the 'octopus' teacher* was filling the blackboard with formulae on the nature of 'time.' At that moment in the circle of the team, the 'shrimp' person* who had been a student of the class in Shasta, came from the outer circle, to stand beside me. But then I digressed down another rabbit hole of Shasta memories. I'm back now.

In a way, the hologram is a complex creation myth from many perspectives – the creation of our universe. I've got to get Ken Wilber's*A Brief History of Everything*. It may be a good starting point. And then auxiliary information that may take the form of a dictionary and a thesaurus will also be needed. If the essence of each discipline could be condensed into a set of definitions and descriptions of the material involved, and the processes and functions they perform, then those could be correlated into charts and diagrams and eventually find their relationships within a 3D hologram or virtual reality grid which could be viewed from different angles. This will not be a class 101 book, but a distillation of whole areas of expertise condensed into outline form with links to greater expositions that can be followed up at will.

It is the spacial and temporal relationships that are important here – the anatomy and physiology of Earth in the Solar System. The science of color and sound, the parameters of change of state from solid to liquid to gas, the range of human perceptions, physically and into higher/other dimensions, human physiology, brain states and normal chemistry, Bruce Lipton*and Candace Pert's* work: all these are important issues to understand and include in the conceptual matrix.

“I have been dipping into the thought pool that was created this morning, and my cup runneth over,” I gasped. “Oh, yes,” said Edgar, “I understand. Kienda, you did well just now and very well yesterday. Just a little 'blow' on the chocolate at the end. NOW you must follow through. Keep in contact with everyone and send what you said you would send. We will cull together, the information already written and polish up a few good and pertinent entries. The books will have both theory and story, so the style is appropriate – the journal style.”

Sunday Afternoon – April 3, 2016

“So, yes,” Edgar said, “the memorial was a point – a mark – a departure. We are moving to the next phase. We have done good work so far and now it is time to do a couple of other things. First, expand the ground crew or at least engage individuals who can and will write the side bars, footnotes and appendices which in time will become the basis of the Conceptual Matrix*. These journals are the prelude – the introduction – the prologue to the real story, A Cosmic Odyssey* which tells the tales of interaction among beings from different star systems. There is a certain amount of correct information out there already. What we can do is tell the tale afresh with greater detail and passages in story form.”

“Kienda did a fine piece of work on the Dragon Quintet*. That is an appropriate way to retell human, earthly history as well. We on the 'upstairs' team can augment and tweak as necessary. And of course, we will be there, watching, commenting, and truth controlling as the story unfolds and guide her attention to areas needing scrutiny. Perhaps this can include my past lives, since to become the sixth man to walk on the moon and become a world figure, I had to have some pretty interesting incarnations. They might be appropriate stories to illustrate the evolution of consciousness once cultures got started. That sounds about right.”

“We shall have to wait and see about the time frame for doing this spiritual research. The next couple of days are for contacting people from the memorial and preparing some of the journal entries to send to folk. Good afternoon all.” And the session came to its appointed end.

Monday Morning – April 4, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Edgar said, “OK, it‘s time. Let's get to it. Kienda is having deeper layer realizations about her functioning on Saturday. It is correct, but it also leaves the future more open. It shouldn't necessarily be a matter of selling oneself. It’s a balance on a razor's edge. Each path takes us to the limits. Observing ourselves is a valuable skill and adjusting appropriately is the proper response to what we see. It was the 'food' and 'belonging' issues. Kienda, you must discipline your body to be master of it – a kind and loving master that does not feed the imposed addictions of sugar, etc. At that point you are no longer 'free' or in charge. We will assist you with worthiness in a world that does not validate your gifts. Trust us. You are worthy of your destiny and your task. There are only a few who work as you do between the worlds.”

“By the way, Lyssa Royal* is one with integrity and perseverance. Her material is accurate, by and large. We have mutual connections. Like us, she is infinitely human and of our times , and like everyone, she has a belief system and an agenda and goals. Like ours, hers are clear and based on multiple realities, and like us, she can only see as far as she can. Her guides and channels are also finite and have their own agendas as well. That is the usual state of affairs up here. She would be good for one aspect of the cosmic section of the conceptual matrix.”

“So, Sweetie, this kind of conversation belongs between 6 and 6:15 – not after. Lovely though you are and rightfully needy, you are not the focal point of this team. The actual work of the team – to facilitate the awakening of humanity to a larger cosmic world view – is the primary issue. If you get over your personal issues: unworthiness, out of balance in the physical (overweight and lazy) and neediness for space to work which now leaves you feeling insecure, you will have an amazing amount of energy and discipline for this project. You can take you own time to clarify your supposed needs and wants, and work on yourself. We can take time tomorrow to address those between 6 and 6:15am. Our meetings from 6:15 to 8am have other purposes. Please be ready and thank you.”

It's almost 7 o’clock and the run is rising. Edgar turned from me to the circle and said, ”Good morning, patient Friends. This issue is always present when a living individual chooses to work consciously rather than simply be a channel. There are advantages to each method. We are who we are, we got what we got, and we do what we do – all to the best of our abilities, God bless us. Are there any comments at this time?”

Siridon* stood to speak. “I, Siridon, Commander of Project Redemption Lucifer*, had contact, or shared presence with billions of living humans in their sleep state. There were a number of teams of two evolved Greys* who did also. I spoke with one set of two and asked how many of those human beings were able to remain conscious in that situation. They said that approximately ten per million were aware. It was always a surprise and manifest in many different ways. Some people refused to come. Some immediately were aware and got up and spoke to us or called on their other friends on the ship. Kienda startled them which was an adventure for them. Therefore, it is clear that there are not a lot to choose from in this field, at this time, and none others in this place.”

“Kienda and I have developed a long-standing friendship. We have worked together. She and her posse saved my life when our ship was overrun by the dark side rebels. I propose to take it upon myself, with the team's approval, to assist her in discipline and worthiness, that she become a more effective partner in this team. Her spiritual family will all help and I ask the blessings of Christ in this endeavor. It is a delicate matter – the balancing of multiple dimensions and parallel worlds with differing constructs, paradigms, qualities, capacities and laws. We all 'get by with a little help from our friends’ – and in this case also 'get high' in the proper meaning of evolve upward, not just achieving a euphorious state.” Siridon was laughing, “These translators are pretty funny. Now we are all singing Beatles songs. Thank you Friends.” And Siridon sat down humming.

Edgar grinned and continued, “Thank you Siridon. I guess this meeting was about Kienda, after all. But this is good information about her past and positive energy for the future. Thank you for taking that on. We all know that it will have far-reaching effects, well beyond anything we can fore-see at this time. Karma and destiny have brought us all together. Free will choices will strengthen the bonds and forge the future.”

We have a number of aspects to this project that smaller groups can work on this morning. We can reconvene and debrief on the various topics this afternoon.

For Project Awakening Humankind*

  • Spiritual Guidance of individuals and the human collective unconscious

  • What is needed at this time for humanity to evolve?

  • What information and experiences are most effective to awaken people?

  • What methods should be employed to reach those who are already aware to a degree and ready to hear more?

  • What is lawful and correct in awakening and guiding humanity? (We are a new creation – the interstellar team. Are there rights and laws we must be aware of on planet Earth and in the Solar System?)

  • Book Series: A Cosmic Odyssey

  • Content?

  • Form and style – elements?

  • What is needed for physical manifestation?

“When we ask the right questions, the correct answers will, in time, be found,” said Edgar, “and then can be put into action and manifest form as appropriate,” in closing the meeting.

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