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Recruiting for the Ground Crew

Wednesday Afternoon – March 30, 2016

I was thinking about the Procyons* (something I had read about online) and asked the group if anyone had acquaintances among them. Arihimsa* spoke up. “We are related to that whole star cluster. Many of us overcame the adversarial take-overs by the Greys*, the negative Reptilians* and other dark forces from the Orion Alliance*. We also accomplished our release and freedom by ascending beyond their power to control. Humans are awakening in this direction and are poised to accomplish the same task on Earth. It will take a few generations and a goodly number of years before the final 'lift-off,' but the first steps in that direction have been taken already. Being consciously multi-dimensional at all times, I am in contact with the Procyons and many other races like ourselves at all times, focusing for exchange only as necessary.”

“Hey, we're losing her,” Edgar said, referring to me who slipped into sleep. “Come on back. This won't be long.” Edgar then continued, “So, the pattern of evolving planets is similar. There is always opposition, and by that means, the group undergoing extreme testing learns to rise above the dominators and escape their control. It is interesting that the key susceptibility for succumbing to external control comes from the reptilian brain stem – the hard-wired reptilian implant from Lucifer* here on Earth.”

I quickly inserted my question, “Is Lucifer always the reptilian culprit?” Arihimsa answered, “Oh, no. Each star system has a specific dark entity who is evolving along with that specific system. There is a higher dark power who directs such oppositional activities in a larger venue and perspective – someone higher than the regents of the star systems, who works galaxy wide. We have never seen or related to that being, only to his minions of varying degrees of development from the lower hierarchies.” I asked, “Are the Greys under the dark cloak of Ahriman*?” Arihimsa answered, “Yes, Ahriman is another very high being in charge of the excess of contraction, individuals as numbers, atrophy of emotions, calculating technology, and cold malice. The Grey’s planet and culture fell long ago into his complete power. They did not rise above the distortion of materialism and the eradication of all memory of connection to the beings of the spiritual worlds. They now are sweeping this quadrant of the galaxy, scavenging genetic material and moving in and taking over wherever possible. Humans must awaken to this fact. The question of the hybrids* is a deep one and it remains to be seen if education and a loving upbringing can stabilize the human qualities over time. Halo* is doing a very good job of it. She was fortunate to have Kienda as her surrogate mother, as was Shushilla* – the product of a bold experiment by the Procyon faction among others, my race included, as was Siridon* and Gregor's* of the Galactic Federation* to make the transformation of the reptilian brain stem a little easier, and influence humanity to being amenable to change and transformation. That experiment has been a success on many other planets also. It is working here too. Just unfortunate about the warring factions (Greys, Reptilians and others) taking over the Federation Mother Ship* that Siridon, Ahh, Bey, and Tsey* worked on. However, when enough humans have mastered their minds, emotions, and will forces, they can carry those who did not receive the golden egg up with them in a compassionate gesture of inclusion.”

“Thank you all,” said Edgar. “Time to nap now,” and winked at me.

Thursday Morning – March 31, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I have been thinking about Lucifer*, Ahriman* and the Azuras* as Extra-Terrestrials. “It is accurate.” said Edgar. “And stunning.” I added. The meeting started and I continued to reflect on what I know from Steiner* and my own experiences of the nature of evil/opposition and Lucifer, Ahriman, and the Azuras. Lucifer is clearly a Reptilian, it even says so in the Bible. Ahriman is the contracted force of cold malice, as stated before. The Greys are an example of a race and culture that has been manipulated to become ahrimanic minions throughout the galaxy. Although the Azuras have come on to our home planet, and they have been observed by myself and other, I am not able to correlate them to an ET life form, yet. Rudolf Steiner said they appeared as spiders, so they are probably one of the insectoid, arachnoid races that will come to our awareness soon. I do not need to go looking for them, yet.

The person who wrote about the Procyons would be a great networking contact. I'm not sure about teaming up with anyone else yet. It would be better to wait and meet people and do a tandem exploration or two before anything else. We each have our individual experience, expertise, and interests. Collaborating is good, but losing individuality in a group is not appropriate. So networking is the best first step. Besides, we need to know who and what is out there.

So I asked Edgar, “What is the way to go forward?” He replied, “The picture is too vast for one person to discover it all. There are people who have pieces of this galactic puzzle, like you, for instance. You have had your finger on the moment by moment pulse of the changes in our world. Not many have that. Many people – anyone who has had any dealings with governments, military, or the industrial complex that have made deals with the Greys and Reptilians for technology and who are responsible for the earth being saddled with atomic destruction and radioactive waste – are not to be trusted. The mind-bending programming and manipulation, implants for tracking and information gathering, and the implanting of self-destructive modules, makes it impossible to communicate honestly with those folks. Most of the whistle blowers are highly suspect. They are the 'usual suspects' for the dissemination of confusion, partial lies and distortions (the real meaning of the word), and will take time and energy away from more focused, important and productive exchanges. Our little adventure with Corey Goode* displayed all of that.”

“You are correct in your intuitive response to Mr. N.* also. The Galactic Federation of Light* is a propaganda machine. Unfortunately most of that kind of drivel is. Or maybe it's 'fortunately.' One must sort through with a fine-toothed comb of logical thinking and emotional discernment.”

“We will assist you in finding the few who are honestly and humanly striving to understand and work for the positive evolution of Earth and humankind. Your resonance with Chris who wrote the article on the Procyons, is a good candidate. He is a clear and careful observer as well. There are others. It might be a good idea if a history that is true could be compiled. That would be someone else's job. You, Kienda, are working in the present and the future, but a history of the many visitations and interventions on Earth would be great. Let’s find that member for the team. It will be invaluable when disclosure comes.”

“The government mostly has connections and contracts with the negative sort who have their own agendas and do not honor the agreements if it doesn't suit their purposes. Their value system, ethics, and morality do not correlate to humanity's. So, a history of Earth/ET connections with definitions and descriptions of the players – brief history, planet and star system, values, evolutionary status based on the hierarchies or some criteria by which to evaluate the dimensions in which they exist and function, etc. would be great.”

“There is a lot of information out there in the public domain. Someone or a team of someones could do it. AND SOON. Then you can run it through us here on our team. That kind of academic work is not our mission, although we can edit for truth as we know it from our many points in the galaxy.”

“We, as you recall, are dedicated to expediting the awakening of humanity by the energy available from the spiritual worlds – the gathered ETs, the human dead (always in quotes), like myself and Neil* and so many others; and yourself, and the coming others who will join as the ground crew – to be conduits and channels for the loving energy of awakening to impact physical Earth and individuals that you and the coming-others will meet. That is happening naturally now and the transmission is formulated as: 'a feeling of security and an open mind, with encouragement to follow one's joy,' which is a lovely, needed experience for most people. “

“There are many tasks and only a few people involved at this time. There needs to be a network of those working in a good way and dedicated to truth and clarity. That way, needs and tasks can be co-ordinated and individuals can move around and work in whatever configuration is best for each task and each phase. Movement and flow in all aspects of life – very helpful.”

“So, meeting over. You, Kienda, might have to get the networking started. Contact Dan* again, he might be interested. And he's a clear thinker and a good man. Forget the Noetics*. The establishment there is already hardening off, becoming impermeable to flow, new ideas and influences. As you say, Kienda, 'whatever' and let's move along now. See you this afternoon. Love, Edgar.”

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