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Meditations and Soul Speaking, Michael and Another Rant from the Master

Tuesday Morning – March 29, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I pushed the wrong buttons when 'snoozing' and woke up to the 6:00 alarm. I proceeded to my meditations and for the next 15 minutes, did them in full transparent view of the team. Edgar asked, “Who inspired these in you?” I answered “St Michael, the Countenance of Christ. Christalina also helped and everyone in my spiritual family and . . . “ Saint Michael appeared and spoke. “I willingly inspire any individual who will receive. The problem now is, no one takes the time to listen and receive. That choice of Sharon's (Kienda's) gave me the space to communicate with her. Plus, she is of an open and creative disposition and was happy to explore and experiment. We had a good time together though she never admitted clearly that it was I who inspired her”

“Now, with the situation in the Anthroposophical Society and the loss of Rudolf Steiner College, it is time to work together in the outer world. Anthroposophy, which is a reasonable contemporary exposition of cosmic verities and a cumbersome conceptual matrix for understanding the expanding universe in which everything is taking place, needs to be re-enlivened, cast in new roles, and dressed in new clothes. Things – every thing – has changed and evolved. Anthroposophy has too. All the wisdom of the world is being spread out over the whole globe. Humans must communicate together about important issues. Honesty and transparency must prevail. It is the correct mood for this, my Michaelic age. And darn soon, too – we are almost half way through my reign and it has been slow going. Now the tide has finally turned and the energy of the most contemporary 'Michaelic' consciousness-soul attributes are flowing inexorably across Earth in waves. 'He is risen' for the last time. More and beyond has occurred. Humanity must and will catch up.”

“Kienda, tell the story. It is time. People are ripe for a true understanding. The whole disclosure of UFOs and ETs impulse, is a materialistic inkling of the greater cosmic realities that have, are and will affect Earth and all her inhabitants. The worlds can only be bridged by individual experiences. No amount of disclosed files, thousands of pages in length, will give the needed experience. As we Anthroposophists know, clear thinking is a valid experience and proof for an individual. That experience – that 'aha' – opens the door of perception into other worlds and the perception of spiritual beings and higher truths. So, it may be in small venues of only one or two people, but it will spread from each exponentially. Now is the time. The future is upon us. I, Michael, Countenance of Christ, am powerfully present and give my blessing and my sword to all who are willing to speak the truth, which imprints the etheric world with forms and patterns that resonate with cosmic truth and ripple rhythmically out into the collective etheric memory of Earth and all her inhabitants, creating harmony, grace and a cohesive field.”

“Each individual must listen, receive and allow themselves to resonate sympathetically with my impulses, my messages, and my expressions of Christ's contemporary revelations of truth beyond the old regime’s wildest imaginings. Each age is steeped in its own appropriate values, knowledge, and wisdom. The quintessence of the old must be metamorphosed into seeds for the present, with potential for the future. There is much that needs to be left in the past, and much that needs transformation to be viable today, much less be seeds for a life-sustaining future.”

“This team is a harbinger of cooperative collaboration for the future. Today's task is to create among you, channels through which Christ and myself can work deeply into individual souls who have awakened and who are asking questions that deserve full answers.”

“I, Michael, the Countenance of Christ, am on this team. Wherever my Lord Christ goes, there am I also. Bernie Sanders is now the torch-carrier and the Michaelic sword -carrier for the awakening age. He is a truly good man, refined in life's own fires, and willing and able to champion the cause of life, compassion, and just about everything good.”

Mentioning Bernie, a memory arose, and I knew the meeting was over when I started to laugh about the poster seen on Facebook.

Ban shredded cheese.

Make America grate again.

It's good to finish laughing. “OK.” said Edgar, “Let's get to it. You know, Kienda, and we here all know, that it is on a need to know basis that things are revealed at large and general to the wider public as well as to each individual soul. I mean from the spiritual worlds. We need media on Earth that does that also – is a reflection of the spiritual principles. With the media owned by the dark side, there is little chance that truth will be covered by the mass media. Instead, it must pass from soul to soul. So, 'Soul Speaking' is your new job description, should you choose to accept it.” “And I dooo!!!” I replied happily.

Wednesday Morning – March 30, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“We gather to solidify the work of this team.” said Edgar this morning. “The methodology needs clarification. As the weakest link but also the most effective, creative and powerful by the rights, duties and privileges of their station (being conscious entities living in three and four dimensions on Earth in the 2,000s), the ground crew – at the moment consisting of one, Kienda – is the point person and manifestor. The responsibility of thinking, feeling and willing falls on her as well. It is while alive that we humans, and any other race that has gone through 3D, can create new experiences and initiate action, change, and transformation on the physical plane. “

“When in the higher dimensions – etheric, astral, and higher devachanic realms, as the human dead and ETs are, we have a clearer perception of the realities of forces and beings active in influencing physical manifestation, but we can do nothing to move, moderate or impel any matter. Actually, of course some of the ETs could, but that would be an unconscionable breach of free will etiquette.”

“Of course, what Christ did, we shall do also, but certainly not at this time. Most of us formerly living have no idea what Christ really did on Earth. Communication and inter-action between dimensions is not a matter of magical thinking. It is not simply that we know and have all access to everything up here and can drop it down into manifestation down there. We just wouldn't do it for some small mean, perverse personal reasons, even if we could. The goal of existence is not getting every whim, desire or passing interest satisfied. The goal is the inner work of perceiving what is necessary in each individual life in each individual moment for a deeply satisfied sense of conscious inter-connection with all life, death, and all other forms of existence. That experience is unique to every person and every moment and must be sought and gained by every individual.”

“The big connection to the 'Oneness' is the ultimate goal of human evolution and will be realized eons hence. A few people have had glimpses of this magnitude, and momentary intimations of immortality and such, but living constantly in that state is not the goal of the 21st century. It is a long way off, and before we get there, we have work to do and steps to take to get there in wholeness and totality. Humanity is on the way, but it is a journey, and on that journey we gather knowledge, distill wisdom, metamorphose through phases (time spans of particular concentration) etc.”

“Now, from my vantage point in the spiritual worlds, I see how important it is for intelligent, striving humans on both sides of the threshold to communicate and work together. It is a two-way street, each side of the road moving in the opposite direction. They complement each other – balance the flow. The interaction between the living and the dead should move in the same way. Prayers and verses should be sent from the living to the dead for orientation purposes near the time of death. Once they are safely ensconced on higher planes, it is time for the living to cease sending and open to receive. What can be received relates to what the living are doing already, as well as assistance in clarifying the issues a living person is involved in, and hints as to what they should be.”

“New and Michaelic impulses come from Michael, himself, who is the 'spokesman' for Christ, the Lord of Karma, Lord of the Elements, and the Solar Logos, who alone knows the timing and destiny of our Solar System within the galaxy and universe. Each person must ultimately perceive their destiny tasks by their own powers of thinking, feeling and willing, in themselves. In other words, each person might consider following what makes them happy and produces a feeling of rightful satisfaction in their participation in life – which could be as simple (for a time) as being kind, balanced, and harmonious; playing with children, singing a little song that brings the environment into resonance and harmony, or any natural, kindly, human activity. Sometimes those are magnificent acts – the simple ones. They build strength and stamina incrementally towards more far-reaching acts of deeper meaning and wider influence.”

“In other words, since I, Edgar Mitchell, am beating around the bush, using Kienda's vocabulary and kindness to couch and swaddle my meaning – GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER, living human beings!! We have souls on this side, who have set our normal, personal after-life paths on hold and in abeyance in order to continue participating in earthly affairs at this crucial time. We can assist through you and only through a few small communities of living people conscious enough, healthy enough, reasonable enough, and all simple decent things enough, to take the evolutionary steps necessary for humankind NOW.”

“The longer people indulge in whims, depressions, any of the seven deadly sins, and adamant willful stupidity, the harder the transformation will be in the end. It will all be transmogrified and transubstantiated (or nearly all) at the end of time – the ascension into the etheric and astral worlds by raising the vibratory rate of the physical body out of the bounds and limitations of the material world. At any rate, you know the drill. Now, let's get to it.”

“Since I, Edgar, am not seeking reincarnation at this time, but will continue to function as an emissary between races, star systems and galaxies, I can continue to work in these lower realms between the living and the dead, for years. As an example: many souls (and I use that term to define the astral/Ego/I aspects of a deceased human being) remain in Earth's astral and etheric bodies to greet the souls of those who have just died and to help orient them to the lower spiritual worlds. That is a task which many kindly, evolved souls take on while they may also go through their kamaloca – or not. Kienda is well aware of this since her father, Curtiss R. Hammer*, worked at the threshold for many years (a decade and more) and is still available when needed. We all have different destinies and trajectories which we follow after death, as well as bungle down on Earth. “

“Well, the team up here is listening to me, Edgar, rant, and laughing. It’s pathetic where we humans have gotten to. Better to laugh than cry, I always say. And Kienda just said she adores me even after another round of 'get your fucking shit together', which was not actually directed at her.” I broke in, “Oh Edgar, you are so cute when you are intense. But seriously, I understand the intent powering those words. I'm feeling that way also, and I am working on getting my own 'fucking shit' together, even as we speak. We, all humanity, have been on hold in molasses for a loooonng time and now that we are freed to take action, we had better seize the day. Lets get to it.”

Edgar stepped back in, “We are, but it will take more people, and more and different skills and expertise, more resources, more togetherness, more networking, and more of everything good, coming together to orchestrate and accomplish what is possible in a group gathered in Christ's name; dedicated to individual and human excellence; and open to receive spirit-directed impulses through their healed hearts; observed and considered through intelligent, clear (not clouded with drugs and substances or preconceptions and judgments) thinking; and then when a decision has been made; with the blessings of Christ, the dedicated assistance from the team in the spiritual worlds, and the patient, focused, perseverant will of the ground crew; the plan can be activated and accomplished. So, there you have it. Let's get to it. Thank you. Edgar signing off.”

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