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Neil Armstrong Holds Forth

Monday Morning, March 28, 2016 – Marin Valley California

Before I left to go back to sleep and try this day again with a new wake-up, I spoke with Neil Armstrong*. We just seemed to gravitate towards one another as the meeting was breaking up, and began talking because of Ignazio's* questions about him. Neil was saying that the reasons the government people made deals with the Grey* and Nordic* races, is because both of them had destroyed their home planets, killed off all of nature and co-opted the ordained energy flows of their etheric worlds into perversions and diversions of power and sensuality divorced from spirit.”

“Which is what happens on Earth to people who join the dark oppositional agenda. They lose touch with both their own inner natures and the external world of nature as well. So the lawless Nazis and the power-insane 1% world manipulators were in complete vibratory sync with the trespassers and interlopers on our planet. I, Neil Armstrong, have always been a noble man. I was not beguiled by the perversions of sex and sensuality, nor the lure of money, power or fame. I saw what those 'perks' did to human souls and I never sold my soul to them or to any force or faction. I just watched. I could not speak up and express my opinions, however, or I would have been eliminated if I had. I alone could not fight or change the system, the locked-in dominating players, or their principles or lack thereof.”

“They kept me as their 'poster boy' for the space program to attract the best of the best. It was all too clear even to them that their 'life-style' had a serious down side which included laxity, if not sloth and loss of the sharp edge of perception and response. We astronauts lived in the way pure science of the time dictated for maximum mental and physical performance. None of us let up on the regimes until later when we were taken off active duty and given desk jobs and such. Still, the military needed to recruit the noblest, strongest, most intelligent young men for the space program. I, as the first man to walk on the moon, kept that image strong and noble. The only problem was, once I had seen some of the results of the deals being made with the extra terrestrials and the bizarre, perverted pleasures being offered, I couldn't support the program in the same way, as in my innocent, idealistic, uninformed youth.”

“It is difficult to discern properly, the goals and motives of others, especially if those others are of extra-terrestrial origin. Numbers of people in the space program and the secret space program fell prey to the influences and even outright domination and possession by entities from outer space. They are all so different from each other. Some are divinely loving and it is a serene pleasure to be in their presence. Some can possess the minds of others, humans included, and it is dangerous even to be around them. Others can manipulate the body functions through telepathy. And some can 'eat' the individuality, the divine spark, and since we are still functioning in 3-D, can possess the body, digest the soul and live their own agenda in the person's body. They, the people, are not at home in their bodies, and will never return to incarnations on Earth. This is where the 'zombie' fascination comes from now. It is no longer just a case of discarnate human souls stuck in the ethers and lower astral worlds after death. It is human bodies without human souls or consciousness that are inhabited by a pernicious extra-terrestrial force with an anti-life agenda.”

“We human beings have to agree to let them in to take over. We are tempted to that in various ways that the Azura's, for that is who they are, tailor to each person's personal weaknesses and failings. Sheer ignorance and the abandonment of human values and qualities, replaced by mechanistic materialism is an open invitation to them. Such naive and retrograde personalities consider the Azura's offers to be fantastic advantages and highly desirable. Hence the proliferation one sees in many cultures around the world to embrace the 'new scientific' (ahrimanic) discoveries as fabulous, such as GMOs, cloning, atomic energy, etc. One also sees the adoration and emulation of the vapid western lifestyle of the neuvo riche billionaires, jet setters, the famous, and financiers. Lies and deceit are hailed as the new aggressive modus operendi, humanity is reduced to a number – the list goes on and on.”

“I could not speak favorably about much I had seen and heard. Yet, I was a world figure – the first man to walk on the moon. At certain points, they did 'de-training' and mind wipes and got carried away. I didn't have much left except for early schooling and positive indoctrination, towards the end.”

“Things are different here in the spiritual worlds, now. I can and will inspire young people to follow their own dreams. Not everyone can be an astronaut and it is not a worthy goal for most. As a passing phase of childhood development, in appreciation of human accomplishment, it is appropriate, but we are Earthlings and it is our Mother Earth to whom we owe our allegiance, gratitude and energy. Most human destinies are centered on clearing themselves and healing Earth so as not to take negative human and possessed insanity up into the stars. We should not want to do to other indigenous peoples what has been done to us. We should not want to take war and genocide (which we still practice to this day) out into the beauty of space. We should not use our freedom to enslave other people on Earth or on other planets.”

“Yet, we allow terrible inequities to exist on Earth, enslaving millions through poverty and manipulation in all realms of human endeavor. It is not real, true humans who are in control of Earth and in charge of decision making at the highest levels. Therefore, they should not be set loose in the galaxy to spread disease, death and chaos in the name of Humankind. We humans, both living and dead, should not allow it.”

“Only by awakening individually and working in massive numbers can we reclaim Earth for true, Christed humanity. Now the task of retaining the earthly etheric worlds in resonant harmony with Christ's love and humanity's destiny, falls upon human beings. We must awaken and rise to our higher potential to keep life energy flowing through the planes in which we exist – physical, etheric, astral and mental/spiritual/Ego/I. “

The morning session was complete.

Monday Afternoon – March 28, 2016

In the social time, Neil and I continued talking. He said, “I was alluding to the pit of vipers, genetic insanity that took place in Dulce, New Mexico, underground, when I talk about the strange sexual perks and perverse temptations. It began with the OK of the government and Secret Space programs and then got totally out of hand. Many such deals with the ETs did. I wondered why they even bothered to make deals when they almost always far exceeded the limits that had been placed on their projects.”

“All right, let's attend to the meeting.” Neil concluded with me. Edgar opened with. “Let's take a couple of deep breaths, center and come here and now.” which I did and it helped settle me. “The esteemed Arihimsa has set the stage for the healing story of his race. Will you please continue.” and Edgar gestured gracefully to Arihimsa and sat down.

Arihimsa* stood and began, “The planetary alignment had brought about the energetic changes necessary for ascension, if the people would only heal themselves and rise naturally. That was the issue. No one could ascend with disease ravaging their body, soul, and spirit. Healing was the mandatory next step.”

“I learned about healing by watching the being of the disease be driven by a singular and selfish desire – to grow at the expense of everything else. It was the epitome of selfishness. It was single focused and elementary – a simple, primitive creature. It was clear – it would devour me and then die itself. It had no concept of cooperation or the beautiful and elegant complexities that could arise with interaction with other entities. Their only 'use' for another being was as a source of food. I, however, even with failing memory and abject health, realized I must find the correct template for myself and encourage the disease to either comply or leave my body. I started simply and pragmatically to construct a template for my body and life that did not include disease.”

“What did I like, love, admire and desire with a true heart, to become, experience, and live; in all worlds – physical, etheric, astral, and Ego/I? When I took the time to consider these questions, I was astonished. I wanted breath and simple food. I desired loving exchanges and meaningful interactions. As I steeped myself, my thoughts and feeling, with my newly discovered desires and fascinations; and as I took myself on walks in nature, the vibratory rate of my organs and body rose higher. Soon it was difficult for the disease entity to fill itself with the energy it liked and expected. The organs were pulsing with vitality and forces the disease contemptuously disliked – hated, in fact. Soon the disease was starving and withering. Without sustenance, it could not live. It was just a matter of time and persistence before it had almost disappeared from my body.”

“I then communicated with the possessing disease entity and offered to release it to its own next higher level of existence. It was either that or it would shrink so small and weak as to actually cease to exist. The disease chose to go upward with my help.”

“I had been eating clean and healthy food and taking special herbs that grew on our planet and had the properties necessary to assist one in more clearly perceiving one's destiny and true path in life. They also enhanced our sense of worthiness and wonder at all that befell us. Their final gift was to inspire our heart's desires with enthusiasm and galvanize the will to 'go for it.' So when the time came, I took a double dose of herbs and included a 'releasing' one in the mix. I created a ceremony with song and dance, intention and prayer. The entity left in an upward gesture of relief and anticipation. I felt incredibly energized, released and inspired to a whole new way of being and life-style. When, a short time later, those of my race who had been able to heal and change were ready to ascend, I was one of them.”

“For my people, and for infinitely many others that I have observed since my own ascension out of the physical realm, there is a similar pattern. Following one’s true heart's desire is key. Those noble, honest and compassionate emotions, are in us due to the good karma we have worked out in past lives. They fuel the impulses to further higher evolution. One can discern the value by observation and careful thought applied to the desire. It is good and right to choose for love and joy and what makes you happy. There are variations on the themes for each individual, but cosmic criteria must be applied also:

  • Does my desire allow perfect freedom for all beings involved?

  • Does my happiness expand joy in the world and make more – or is it at the expense of another's life or detract from world joy?

  • Is this a transparent desire which can be shared with others including spiritual beings, without blame or shame?

If upon reflection, a desire or impulse includes these three things then one should follow and manifest that desire, as it is a step on one's destiny path.”

“So thank you all. Kienda, you might like to try this more consciously, yourself. It is helpful in making decisions. It is part of the healing process and getting oneself back on track.” Edgar closed the session with a thank you to Arihimsa and a nod to us all.

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