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The Pattern of the Cosmic Christs in the Galaxy – Easter on Other Planets

Holy Saturday Afternoon, March 26, 2016

“So you can even come harried,” Edgar said, as I ran up hot and flushed and a little bit late, with kale stuck between my front teeth. At that moment Elisabeth drove up, so longer diversions ensue. “You see. This is how it usually is,” I said. “Give me time for two breaths and I'll be ready.” “OK,” said Edgar, “Today we go from 3 to 3:30, no problem. Earth is full of extenuating circumstances – that I know.” That gave me fifteen minutes, so I settled, finished my soup and entered the spiritual world with the question “How did the Elementals* help Christ in the underworld on the first Holy Saturday. I had been shown what happened a few years ago at Michaelmas*.

“Hades, Lord of the Underworld, had thrown spears of darkness at Christ when He entered death’s domain. He caught them and held them to His heart, where they burst into fountains of light. In that brilliant moment, the angels of all the trapped souls came rushing in on the paths of light, scooped up their souls who they had been separated from, and took them off to the higher realms. I saw now that it was the Elementals of air and fire working in Christ's etheric body that made the transformation from darkness to light. Christ is the Lord of the Elements, and they had answered his call.”

I asked Arihimsa* if his world had gone through something like this and he said, “It happened so long ago that we hardly remember and do not celebrate it. The results of this kind of intervention for our race is now an integral part of our collective consciousness and a simple fact of our existence.” Edgar took up the thread, “Are there others who have had this kind of redemptive experience in their past?”

Garth-Majid* stepped forward. “Long ago and far away, I myself played a similar role. There was a time when my people were at war among themselves. We had split almost equally on the issue of freedom. The faction against individual freedom enslaved the others and then proceeded to trap and enslave their souls after death, which was administered in a calculated, brutal, and painful fashion. Not many of us had evolved on our own to be able to maintain consciousness through the strife, struggle, and horrible death. In my hour of greatest need, I called upon all that was holy in our world. Imagine my amazement when a being of light entered my body. He stayed with me for a time and grew to understand our situation. I also learned much about kindness, inner transformation, and the reality of the spiritual worlds.”

“When it came time for me to die, he remained with me and consciously shared in all I experienced. In the end, I could not hold on. He said I could let go, and so my soul joined the hell of their domination on the higher planes. The being – we later called Oriahu, remained with my body after death and learned of the dissolution of our material forms. He also learned and perfected a delicate body of higher vibrations, using the template of the next higher level. He watched and waited until he was strong enough to confront those who enslaved. In a similar way, Oriahu transformed their created dark hell into light. Seeing light again, the trapped souls remembered their true nature by sympathetic resonance – for light sings a song also. Those enslavers who were in the vicinity were also transformed, even against their wishes, so powerful and compelling is the light and music. We all went on to reincarnate for millennia. The patterns of life and death had been changed. We had a new strength to live for and fight for the light, if necessary. Even in dire circumstances, there can be forgiveness and gratitude. We learned many things since that time of the first change. “I, who gave my body for Oriahu, the Christ of our star system, have remembered, but most have not. So many other transformations and metamorphoses have occurred for us that it is only quaint history now. At the time it was pivotal. I was honored to participate, and I remember with utmost gratitude.”

“Thank you Garth-Majid,” said Edgar, “Perhaps this is a cosmic pattern.” “Yes, it is.” Gregor *added. “Our race also had such a transition a long time ago. We support humans in understanding and incorporating the facts, reality and wisdom of this event. We are aware that other experiences have already followed which go far beyond the importance of this Good Friday, Holy Saturday and even Easter. The import of these events are imprinted in the souls of humankind, the Akashic Record*, and the evolving cellular memories of all earthlings – human, animal, plant, and stone. It is good to remember. It is better to integrate and go on. There are further adventures. Humanity seems stuck in this and a few even less productive stories. Thank goodness the tipping point has come.”

“Thank you, Gregor. Is there anyone else with contributions at this time?” asked Edgar. Halo* raised her little hand. “What will happen to my mixed race – the hybrids? Will we have to go through this also? We are newly created in this star system, and altogether new because nothing like us has lived before. We are a mix of Human and Grey. Each race has its own history and evolution. Where are we in the midst of all this?” Christ appeared and said, “You are in my Solar System. Your people are under my care and protection. You have gained from all that has transpired on Earth. You have joined the human flow on planet Earth. I welcome you and bless you. Many human souls volunteered to inhabit hybrid bodies as well as the standard issue Grey soul from the genetic creators. Only the strongest were chosen because the task is difficult. For a human entelechy, it is a step forward and backward at the same time. You have been assigned a human/angelic oversoul also, who is enthusiastic in her new role. You did not receive an imp because you did not Fall and Lucifer is being redeemed. You are doing fine. You will learn all the lessons necessary for eventual ascension. It all remains to be experienced. You have adventures in store.”

Then Christ turned to the circle and blessed us with a shining smile. “Thank you for your interest and questioning about Holy Week and Easter. More human beings should learn the deeper meanings and integrate the lessons. I have moved on and humanity should also. Please, follow me.”

Easter Sunday Morning, March 27, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

It is very early – 3:30. I began when I finished the preparatorys. I said to Edgar, thinking about how tired I feel about the computing, “I can't keep this up.” He said, “What else are you doing that is more important?” And of course, nothing else is more important. I just need to create balance myself. Yoga, walks, gardening while I am here. I desire time, space, peace, and acceptance of my way of doing my own life. Fun and friendship would be nice too – and meaningful encounters with people. If this material is to reach others, I will and it will, need help getting out in some form or another – written, talking, etc. So even though I am feeling infinitely human, I would like to be supportive to people this Easter Sunday and transmit transformative energy. For certain things in the spiritual world, time is an important issue.

Easter Sunday Night – March 27, 2016

This has been a very different Easter – not filled with joy except in a few little spots: the turning of the tide in the bay at the headlands at dawn, watching the sun rise, the beautiful singing at the end of the Act of Consecration of Man*, the gorgeous Easter eggs with Rosie*. Not so good: first light long gone, only eating bread and starches till evening, T* and Rosie in the emergency room for T’s back pain, and the near miss at this morning's meditation.

But – lessons learned. For each blow out, I am aware of better ways to deal with that issue. The meditation situation – when not meeting with Edgar and the team, or not going to Christ and the New Jerusalem*, then I can focus on my body and heal issues that definitely need healing; and I can send love and healing to all friends and family – absolutely; or research one of Ignazio's questions; or check up on the deceased from Aberrations in Heaven and Hell.

So, trying to get to the meeting with an Easter bunny sugar hangover. Mein Gott, not easy. “So, “ said Edgar, “We are all coming back from extenuating circumstances. But, here we all are – waggle-taggle cosmic gypsy wanderers (as Solzhenitsyn* described himself.)

Arihimsa* spoke up. “Because my race is the most highly evolved represented here, I will share a bit of my story on healing. Eons ago, we had physical bodies. Now we never take them, but then, when we were at the stage of physical embodiment from which there is no way out but death, or an individual pralaya, the opposition was increasing the intensity of their attacks.”

“Strange epidemics broke out and mental and emotional imbalances dashed many souls on the rocks of selfish extremes. One of my former incarnations at that time contracted (and that is a word worth scrutiny – contracted) one of the flesh-eating diseases. It was like human cancer and Ebola all at once. The disease was an ensouled dark entity living in a ‘body’ that grew disproportionately and subsisted on the flesh of the organs of its unwitting and unwilling host. At first it manifested as a small irritation that grew into a large parasitic mass which proliferated. My then conscious entelecy and its formerly beautifully functioning body becoming a mass of primitive cells, bent only on their own growth and survival. The invading entity’s only desire was to expand.”

“I, at that time, was devout in a religiously based, dogmatically, prescribed way. Our Christ figure had come already twice and done deeds of reclamation and redemption. The diseases our race faced were the most pernicious attacks on and destruction of, not just the physical, etheric and astral bodies, but the central consciousness was being destroyed by the illness which swept our planet. “

“I turned to the traditions of my people to petition the gods of that time through prayer and offerings, but nothing happened to abate the progress of the disease. I doubled, then tripled my efforts, but to no avail. The disease increased and my consciousness decreased along with the inner destruction of my internal organs and body.”

“Then a miracle happened – a cosmic miracle. There was an alignment of all the planets which only occurred every million and a half years in our star system. Everything was perfectly aligned and equally balanced which created a short moment of absolute equanimity, harmony, and stasis, before a few moons with their shorter and quicker paths had swung out of perfect alignment. In that moment, the course of all existence was radically changed. The forces within our star system had, in such a perfect configuration, imprinted new patterns into all matter.”

“The etheric worlds were infused with powerful resonant harmonics. The templates of all created matter in our system moderated and pulsed with vibrant energy and burst with powerful creative forces of their own right. They, the etheric templates, had evolved to their next higher level of being and began to influence the physical plane below them. The physical bodies of all of my race were energized and radiant, which made the dark diseased places within them more obvious. It was now the task of every degenerated entity to demand that their bodies align with the new cosmic pattern. I did not know how to do this, nor did anyone else. It had never been done before.”

“How we learned and what we did will be continued. Thank you.” said Arihimsa and sat down.

“Indeed,” agreed Edgar, “thank you all.”

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