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The Cosmic Deeds of Christ – Overcoming Death and Transforming Life

Good Friday Afternoon, March 25, 2016

Pleasure and pain are made possible by the physical nerve, sense system – they are the poles of the kinesthetic sense of touch. Why did Christ have to suffer scourging and crucifixion, a terribly painful death, and a crown of thorns? It was the beginning of the new dispensation and Christ was re-patterning the functions and energy levels of the chakras – hands, feet, on His knees, spine, crown, sides – all the chakras were released from the physical to function more powerfully in the etheric body of Jesus and then in every human being after that.

Also, the blood flowed out of its usual channels – the vessels – and came in actual physical contact with flesh and bone, connecting the Ego/I with the material body in a whole new way. From His side flowed water and blood into Earth – the carriers of His etheric and Ego/I forces. It may have been a re-creation of the Earthly feminine as in the Biblical reference to god creating Eve from the rib of Adam's side. In the depth of pain He penetrated to the marrow of His bones with consciousness. He understood through experience the exquisitely awful life and death process of the body.

They are showing me a spiritual vision of Christ as His astral body, His aura, grows larger and expands outward as the pain is intensified. Is this the opposite balance of moments of ecstasy like the transfiguration, where He glows and radiates light and 'glory?' Is the dark pole of the astral body awakening through pain and suffering, to be redeemed? Is Christ's experience a fulfillment of the cosmic law that 'one can only go as high as one has sunk low' and that the full range of human emotions and physical sensations can only be experienced by including the extremes of all poles, yet remaining calmly on the center path?

Could it be that Christ had to experience the depths of brutal human behavior one to another, as well as the depth and excruciating pain of such torture, to be able to know what He was 'forgiving' and atoning for. The words from the cross were not idle statements, but completely lived, horrendously endured, fully experienced expression of cosmic truth in human form, imbued with the compassionate consciousness of one who now understood the depths of the human condition. He loved and forgave in spite of the suffering.

For Christ to have the power to move through the human condition as it was 2,000 years ago and to accomplish the needed destiny task, He had to meet and overcome the darkest side which held humankind in bondage, to the depths and dregs, which He did. He thereby earned the right to transform death, the meaning of pain and suffering, and the trajectory of life on Earth. These He did. He had to go through the extremes of human behavior to know the depths of what needed transformation and to gain the physical strength necessary to endure and overcome. And He did.

“Is there anything else I could be helped to understand?” I asked. It was still and silent. Perhaps tonight in meditation.

Holy Saturday, March 26, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

This morning I would like to understand how Christ's descent into hell 2,000 years ago and every Easter since has affected the Elemental beings. I remember traveling with my baby son, Christian Alexander, who died of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) on the anniversary of his Christening, the first year after he died, as he flew around the earth with Christ at Easter sunrise. As the sun's rays touched the earth, all plant life and all etheric beings were infused with radiant vitality. From above it looked like a brilliant golden tide flowing over the land. Animals and birds awoke in joy that morning. The etheric forces of Earth are rejuvenated each Easter.

It is time for our meeting and Edgar said to me, “Continue, my dear, this is what we are doing. We also are observing Holy Saturday and honoring Christ's deed of long ago. Later, at the appropriate time, we will celebrate His second deed and come to understand it better. Now, carry on. We are with you.” “Thank you.” I replied with tears in my eyes.

So yesterday, Jesus Christ died on the cross. The sun was eclipsed and the veil in the temple was torn in two – the holy of holiest was now revealed to every human being. His body was removed from the cross, washed and anointed with oil and spices. The physical body was honored, and human love from those attending to it was poured in, mingling with his etheric and astral forces. It is appropriate to lavish love on the body for the last earthly time, to conclude and release attachment to the merely physical. In loving Christ’s body at that time and in that way, the women cleared their souls of material clinging and prepared to journey into the spiritual worlds with Christ, as far as they were able due to their inner stage of evolution. Those at the foot of the cross did this – the two Marys and John, the Beloved. There are mysteries to unveil here.

When the body was prepared, it was lowered into the grave of the earth. That night the moon was still near full though waning, Christ gave not only his physical body as a sacrament to Earth, but his etheric body entered the etheric world of Earth as well, where he convened with the Gnome King* and the Elemental beings*. The Elementals are the beings and forces that bridge the space between the physical and the astral worlds. They make manifest in matter the templates or patterns from the etheric world, which they have received from higher spiritual beings. They are the 'ground crew' who put the thoughts of the creating gods into physical forms made of fire, water, air and the earthly elements of the periodic table. They also release or tighten the physical hold on spiritual faculties. They follow the laws of their realm unfailingly. (Or at least they did until atomic destruction occurred on earth.)

Now when all were gathered, Christ praised the Elemental’s loyal work and said, “The new dispensation has come and we shall be together soon. Joy abounds. We are all rising upward. Prepare the way for Me and be ready when I call. I am with you now and always.” His smile brightened the etheric realm and his message brought a new vitality as the Elementals prepared for His ascension into the etheric worlds in 40 days. A team of highly evolved Elementals from all four realms prepared to respond whenever Christ called during His days in a resurrected form, beginning on Easter morning.

Then Christ went on to create changes in the pattern of sleep and night consciousness. It had become an etheric entrapment of the higher members of human beings. In earliest times, the spiritual dimensions were permeable and available. Visions and prophecy were common among ordinary people. Sleeping and waking were not so different from one another. There was access to the multiple dimensions from which we had come, available to all. Human thinking did not bind experience to preconceived beliefs, as yet.

As humanity plunged deeper into materialism and the opposition to human evolution tightened its grip on the established cultures and religions, the ability to receive from higher spiritual beings waned and had subsided entirely at the time of Christ's coming. The religions dictated the developmental scope of the soul, or not, and it was mostly 'not' by that time. Belief in dogma, which is linear sense-based thinking, superseded any open-minded conceptual or spiritually inspired thought. Therefore the masses of humanity had little to work with in the world of sleep. They were not conscious in higher realms yet, and were confined by tradition, culture, and religion to narrow limits of acceptable thinking, feeling and behavior. For instance, the Pharisees and Sadducee and such, remained in or near the temple during sleep because all of their waking was intent on manipulating religion for lower vibrational economic and personal gains. No longer were lofty ideals lifting them beyond the material plane. So in their sleep life, they had little to resolve or ponder and nowhere to go, but stayed in the etheric and lower astral spheres nearest earth.

So, the night between Good Friday and Holy Saturday, Christ worked with the etheric forces governing sleep. The Elementals in the human's bodies were shown the way to lift the etheric out of the physical, just a bit and in the right way, so that the astral body and Ego/I could be free from their dogmatic entanglements, and rise into their home realms. The elemental beings received new principles and goals for their tasks and their own developmental steps. They are assisting mankind in entering the higher realms while we are still, as yet, unconscious in sleep. It has become our task in the present time to work consciously and co-operatively with the Elementals during day waking, and also night sleeping states.

Because of the extreme pain and suffering of Christ's physical material body, the Elementals had a whole new range of experiences to relate to, as well as new patterns of etheric movement, and interaction among the four elements. The dissolution of Christ's physical body was almost immediate as the Elementals of fire, air, water, and earth each received the elements of his transubstantiated body. It 'crumbled' into its constituent elements and was received as the sacramental Eucharist by the Elementals and Earth. The transubstantiation of the earthly plane had begun. The bonds that had held the soul captive in the physical realm, even during sleep were broken and a new pattern was installed.

Now during sleep, the Elementals are happy to release the etheric slightly and the air and fire beings 'ferry' the higher aspects upward. The present birth and development of the fifth ether, that of pure love distilled from the other four, is now the final vibratory rate to bring the soul or in this case, the astral body and Ego/I up to the higher planes. The just-past-full moon supplied the needed light and fire, and stood witness to the changes.

Even now, however, many people are again having difficulty lifting up out of earth's ether to allow their astral and Ego/I the rejuvenation they need from immersion in the realms of their origin. Substances such as drugs, and alcohol and electro-magnetic interference, bind the higher members to the lowest realms. We humans need to adjust our life-style to the true parameters of spiritual human existence. We need clear facts and information; an overview for understanding the larger picture and the ramification of behaviors and actions; guidance in discernment; and assistance in getting human will in gear and operating beneficially and co-

operatively for all. And we need a new and conscious relationship to the Elementals in order to accomplish this next big step.

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