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The Organic Nature of the Movements and Patterns of Light and Sound out in the Cosmos Reminded me of

Maundy Thursday Afternoon, March 24, 2016

“Edgar opened with, “So here we are again, friends. This morning's session was profound and answered many of our questions from the days before. Christ participated with us which is approval and blessing all in one. He gave us a special gift of love and we now must consciously receive it, focus and intend with it, and then send it down to work on Earth and all her inhabitants. Simple, but I believe, very effective. Existing at this time in the etheric and astral worlds, our 'conditioned' love will infuse the bodies of Earth, herself. Kienda, who we will help power-up, will bring the focused love to individual people in her outing this evening. It feels right, it makes sense, and it is a do-able project. Any comments?”

Arihimsa* said, “From my experience in the world of my origin, similar patterns have functioned beautifully for millennia. It is indeed simple but effective. I congratulate Earth and humanity for having achieved the ability to work this way, now in the eleventh hour of need. Many civilizations teeter on this brink, only to fall to the depths of blind materialism once again, as humanity has done in the past, as well. Congratulations are in order for consciously bridging the worlds. The turning point for Earth has only just occurred a short time ago, but it has come. The tide has turned and inexorably will fulfill its natural duty to rise in fullness once again. Now many things will change. New possibilities are arising and we can work together among the worlds to bring the best options to fruition. Thank you and congratulations once again.”

“So let's get to it.,” said Edgar. “That little phrase is beginning to sound like our motto.” he said laughing.

We stood in a circle holding hands. St. Michael* stood between Arihimsa, the highest and Halo*, the littlest and least evolved, being a hybrid and new on the cosmic block. Christ was above the center of the circle, sending unconditional love down on everyone, who began to impress it with their highest ideals and goals. Because I am going out in the world, to the Christian Community Church*, I focused on 'open-mindedness with a warm sense of safety and security' because that is what most of the people there need – from my point of view. When we all had formulated our intentions, the energy was cycled around the circle and I caught glimpses of everyone’s ideals and wishes for us. I realized that I need to embody the goals and ideals that I wish to impart to others and felt my mind expanding in curiosity which opens the mind. And yet I felt almost warm and fuzzy, like a blanket of security was wrapped around me.

“I will go into the world and share, as best I can. Thank you. I will report tomorrow morning on my adventures.”

Good Friday Morning, March 25, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

The name Bolianski* or something like that came into my mind. He is a Russian ascended Master or astronaut or somehow has been in space.

What are the challenges of evolution to become like Christ? What actually must we learn and master? Overcoming death? Understanding the body, the elements and how life works at this stage of evolution with the complications of a mechanical, industrial, electronic world? Are those things all useless diversions and in the end will we not use them at all, but ascend beyond the physical? Arihimsa, says , “YES.” His people only need 'ships and bodies' when dealing with lower vibrational beings who are locked into them. “And, one learns many lessons through the physical.” he said.

I opened my mind and floated out into the stars. The organic nature of the movements and patterns of light and sound out in the cosmos reminded me of the microcosm of my body. I realized how the mastery of our material, emotional and mental bodies is the first step towards mastery of the outer worlds which will lead to the ability to create (as gods) new galaxies and universes. Being able and taking the time to turn within to spiritually perceive, comprehend, and create perfect bodies – physical, etheric, astral and Ego/I – is crucial at this point in evolution. That is why radiation and GMOs are such a threat to the future well-being of humanity. They are causing perversions in human anatomy and physiology, making it difficult for the Ego/I to successfully incarnate, inhabit and perfect its material and etheric vehicles.

Also, all these outer explorations of the crazy doings of demented humans, though it may be interesting, is a diversion from the true thrust of evolution, except as the information and experience furthers the process of spiritually penetrating into the heart of matter to learn the laws and patterns inherent in those realms. Then, with disciplined mind and will, being able to perfect the functioning, raise the vibrations, and metamorphose the physical plane from inert substance to a consciously ensouled vehicle of life. It may not be as difficult as formerly thought. Or maybe, it is just closer to doable because the second turning point of time has come. This is a task I will take on.

The meeting is beginning and Edgar asked me to give a brief report on how the experiment went last evening. “I worked on consciously remembering my goal of transmitting a feeling of safety and security which would encourage an open, curious mind. I felt the energy come in through the crown chakra with the white light, and move down to my heart, and out through my hands. (but this very moment, I realize that I could also send it generically out into the etheric space through which I walk, directly from my heart.) Everyone – seven people – were already seated at the table and the feeling was quiet but not exactly serene. Eating in silence shows the mere act of eating to be such an infinitely human activity, and so primaly physical. It was a tenderly stark experience.

How beautiful that Christ infused consciousness of the spirit in all functions of the physical body. In honoring and blessing all food as a sacrament, we can actively raise the vibration of the food and our bodies even as we must eat. (Of course, even eating is optional.)

The ease and comfort between Sheila* and I and Dietland*, just sitting contentedly without anything to say in the chapel was lovely. They both appeared at ease and at peace and we all glowed together. When I visited Rosie* and T*, they too were serene. Rosie and I got down to deep sharing also, so the security, safety and open mindedness were apparent there too.

“Are we the only team doing this kind of work?” I asked Edgar. “Oh, no, there are a few – one in Russia, and a couple in South America. We are the only one in America, although more will be forming. This pattern of multi-racial, interstellar co-operation among individuals is the template for positive interaction among diverse groups all over the galaxy. Earth and her Earthlings have finally risen to this level also.”

In an aside to me, Edgar said, (“Kienda, please consider doing your own work at 5:00 and really being ready for the group by 6:15. Thanks. That way we can answer your questions before the meetings.”) I agree. I will!!!!!!!! “So, now, let's get to it. Edgar quipped. “Who else has something to debrief about our experiment?”

Ahh, Bey and Tsey*, the young Reptilian technicians from the Federation mother ship, have similar personalities. Their individual areas of technical expertise are diverse and augment one another exceedingly well. When they work together they form a unit with a vast body of knowledge and experience, and because they are so similar in temperament, they have no personality disruptions nor do they lay 'ego trips' on one another. They chose to speak, “This experiment – this experience – is similar to what we are working on for our own advancement. We, as individuals, a trio, and a race, have recently mastered this and it is a creative technique we use to move between dimensions. When it is only one being in a realm, the focus is more intense and moves in straight lines from person to person. When more are engaged, the synergy will cause the energy to move in waves and sheets. They are just different and have different applications. This experience last night for Kienda, was a success. There is always and forever, more and better to which we all aspire. We enjoyed this experience and look forward to more and greater variety and intention. Thank you.”

The three Reptilians sat down, and Siridon*, the Leonine took the floor. “Perhaps this is what Kienda can actually recruit for. If more people are aware of the fact that this conscious intent applied to specific qualities and goals is so effective and they learn to discipline themselves and do the inner work, that would exponentially increase the creative love on this planet. Later, when teams are working, we shall focus on healing the radiation and poisons and all the other problems we discussed earlier. Now it is to create a web of love intended to awaken, help and heal individuals and Earth in myriad ways. In time we will all agree to focus on a specific issue to heal and clear it. But for now, the connections are being made and individual healing is taking place. Safety and security and an open mind are the perfect qualities to begin the process and leaves everyone free in how they choose to experience that. Thank you, I agree that the first round of our experiment is a success and I see a great unfolding in the future.”

Edgar said, “Thank you all. I am in total agreement. This first experiment was a lovely little step and a success in its own right. There is more to do. Today is Good Friday, the day of Christ's first crucifixion for the redemption of the physical world. This afternoon, we shall penetrate into the function of physical pain and suffering and its meaning in our stage of evolution. Now, let's share in an energy circle again. There is strength in numbers and diversity.” So, we formed a circle and did get to it.

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