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Humanity’s Job, Should We Choose to Accept It – Interestellar Fun and Games

Wednesday Afternoon, March 23, 2016

“So welcome all, back to our afternoon session. We were getting deeper and closer to the core needs of humanity. Shall we continue?”

Gregor* stood to speak. “I agree with many statements here about the disarray in the etheric world of Earth. So very few humans are aware of the contemporary state of affairs up here. Almost no one has perceived the second major set of deeds of Christ* that resulted in His ascension from the etheric to the astral world of the Kamaloca* Moon sphere. Therefore, they do not realize that it is their collective task to rise now consciously into the etheric worlds and take responsibility for keeping it light and conscious, clear, clean, and protected. Since this task is not being accomplished at this time, there is a void which interlopers, trespassers, and the minions of the dark side are rushing in to fill. There is need of a clean-up crew to bring 'Christ in you' *– the Christ in every human being – consciously into the etheric planes. Christ is pouring love down to all the realms below the astral, so unconditional love is available. It's just that humans are not availing themselves of it. Is there something we can do to keep the love pure and available, and help humanity awaken and receive?”

Edgar joined in, “These are the kinds of questions we must present to Christ, after we have thought them through more completely.”

Gregor continued, “there is one other issue I would like to broach: the issue of clean technology. Humans accepted Ahriman's* lure of atomic power and fossil fuels, and all manner of 'enslaving' energy technologies. Are they ready for clean natural technology based on cosmic spiritual principals and dimensions? Even as I ask this, the answer is loud and clear – NO, they are not yet ready. They must awaken and throw off the yoke of control placed on them by the opposition. Until humanity awakens and lives consciously within higher realms, which includes us, the positive helping 'Brothers and Sisters of Creation'*, they will be manipulated by the unseen, unperceived forces of darkness and opposition to human evolution. The technology aspect will be another step farther down the line. Thank you all for going through this whole thought process with me.” Gregor sat back down. Siridon* grinned at him and he winked back.

“Well, thanks again – we have peeled another layer of the onion, as we say on earth. We will get to the core in the right way and at the right time. Till tomorrow.” Edgar closed the session.

Maunday Thursday, Morning, March 24, 2016 - Marin Valley, California

During my preliminary meditations, I got into a conversation with Christ and a higher dimension teacher. “The seeds of human evolution have been planted in the conception of Creation – planted in the souls as future destiny of the race. It has been part of creation through the cosmic laws that govern the inter-relationships and inter-actions between the dimensions. Each realm has its laws and there are also laws that regulate the activities between them. Laws such as, 'as above – so below.' That is a concept which bears reflection.”

I have had a glimpse of the influence from the higher realms and their hierarchies of sentient beings and forces, sending their more complex, broader-scoped, vaster-viewed, more of everything than the levels below them – more compassionate, more fair and egalitarian, more specialized wisdom – down to the levels below themselves, to 'inspire an upward striving and yearning for the unfoldment of the potential within. Like any plant, the blossom and fruit are compacted as possibilities within the seed in the etheric template. So too with humans and all other races – their ultimate future possibilities are deep within their bodies, souls, and minds.

It has to do with the full expression of the abilities and qualities inherent in each realm – for example: the manifestation of fire, water air, earth, sound and spirit from the etheric plane into experiences through the human senses; the expression and manifestation of color through the astral emotional realms; and the proliferation of thought forms and conceptual grids and analyses in the mental planes. Within each plane, dimension, realm, or vibratory field, there is a wide range of experience, expression, and possible resulting material manifestation. Many aspects of the higher planes never materialize and do not need to. Each plane above influences the plane directly below itself and is inspired and influenced by the one above.

The evolution of a single entity moves steadily upward on the 'ladder of vibratory ranges.' However, as we rise and attain access to higher dimensions, we leave behind our lowest realm or rather, we transform the lower aspects of ourselves into refined bodies of abilities, qualities and skills that can participate in the higher vibratory fields.

At this point, Edgar entered the picture because of the time issue. It was team time. I asked, “What shall I do here?” He responded, “Can you return to this thought after our meeting. I'm sorry. I do not mean to push you, but time is still finite in my state of being and I would so appreciate having our team together and functioning – up and running before too long – Earth-time-wise. And we shall stick to our time-frames so you can have some of the precious commodity, infinite source, 'time,' for yourself. Thanks for understanding.” I agree. We will conclude this morning by 7:30 and I will continue with Christ and my whole family later.

Edgar explained to the group what was happening. The others are all in agreement. As the weak link, the more informed and clear I can become, the better for all.

Edgar began, “Let's open our circle with an energy exchange. Let's arrange ourselves in evolutionary order and send energy, thoughts and emotions up and down the scale. So we did. Actually, I am not last, Halo is. Christ is at the head of the line and St. Michael* came to hold Halo's* other hand and protect her and take all the excess energy she can’t handle.

Christ sent unconditional love down through the ranks – each being put their own natural spin on it so that by the time the love got to us at the end of the line, it was massively complex and filled with nuances of how other positively helping evolved beings had used similar energies on their planets for the refining of their races. The unconditional love of Christ was augmented with experiences and the distilled wisdom of three other races from different star systems, whose goals are consonant with Christ's plan for us here on Earth. That kind of energy will be very helpful in awakening people to new ways of thinking, feeling and being. Within the energy patterns are the history of the evolution of races. They have the potential and power to actuate memories in some people who have had similar experiences in their many far pasts.

Ceremonies would be lovely, but it has come down to just generally bringing the energy into whatever situation I find myself in on Earth – be it the 7-11, or Edgar's memorial, Walgreen's, the gym, or Unity, driving or walking along anywhere. I, Kienda, must learn the ways of consciously and casually transmitting the energy, love and information in both a generalized form for the public and more specifically through darshan, (glance and touch) on a personal level.

Ahhh, we, the group are doing it now with Christ's participation. And 'eureka!!' we have discovered a process and a task and a method of application and accomplishment. We will do this kind of energy download for five minutes each day to keep the channels open and flowing and to update evolutionary information as needed. I also see that the others can follow up with specific individuals who they resonate in harmony with using 'inspiration mode' at any time, once a connection has been made.

There is something about actual physical contact – human to human – that is very helpful. The conscious bond between the beings of different realms is the conduit by which the energy moves. The bond can be as ephemeral as a smile passing in the street, or a wave from driver to driver, or a casual conversation in the grocery line. That bond can also be facilitated by one such as me. Bernie Sanders is doing this kind of deed – shaking hands across the country and rubbing shoulders with millions of people by association and proximity. And he is so clearly working for the beautiful, noble, good, and true in humanity and he is carrying the blessings of so many higher beings. God bless and protect him.

So I will reach out and touch – shake hands, touch shoulder, etc while transmitting consciousness. There is something to 'grounding' in the material plane. So, even ‘material girls' and boys can get a shot of spirituality.

Oh, by the way. Robert Bingham* called yesterday. They – some of the team – know him. They have been watching him as he summons and watches them. He came along this morning for the energy transmission. He also has the touch.

It’s not necessary to make a big deal about this – not even necessary to talk about it at first. The awareness would be appropriate when actual information is passed and the individual in question is sufficiently well informed and done enough inner work to warrant disclosure. Otherwise it is better for the energy to work on unconsciously through their own lives in a natural flow of awakening, insight, inspiration, and intuition. “Everything works together for those who love God.”

In reflecting further, I see how the little yearnings and fledgling love from us at the lower end of this august line of interstellar beings, rises up to those above and elicits tenderness and protection as well as love. Unconditional love is a formless, malleable substance of all potential and possibilities. It takes on specific form and purpose through consciousness and intention. It benefits by sculpting and tailoring it to those to whom it is offered. Christ always pours out unconditional love – there is more than enough for all, forever. What we humans can do is focus and specialize it through consciousness and intention. It is the task of the human consciousness-soul to create a new life-style, a new human community of respect, appreciation, and co-operation. Our working creatively with Christ's gift of love to improve the harmony and vitality of the etheric worlds – both personal and the Earth's, and to balance the astral bodies of ourselves and Mother Earth, is one of our present tasks and empowering responsibilities.

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