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Getting to Solutions – No One Escapes Transformation

Wednesday Morning, March 23, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“We are in you.” Christ said this morning. “Do not apologize to any human being – instead, tall and noble yet humble is good.” This is a variation on “Christ in you.” “And may he fill your spirit.*”

The Extra-Terrestrials in the circle are happy and honored to be considered 'helpers and guides of humanity' (as in my meditation invitations) though they prefer the title, 'Brothers and Sisters of Creation.'

Earlier this morning I was thinking of the team's mission and what is needed at this time. Part of it is holding the etheric realms positive and in the consciousness of Christ, as He is in the astral world now. It is cleaning and clearing the ether of Earth herself, of the detritus of human unconsciousness in all four ethers. It is a massive job – there are many garbage heaps in many places.

Every individual's etheric body is private and personal and their responsibility alone. However, the accumulated unresolved etheric tatters of the collective unconscious – the thoughtless activities, habits, and addictions that have given homes to random luciferic, ahrimanic , and now azuric minions*, can be cleaned up. These are fragments of the 'sins of the world' that Christ has been working to redeem for the last 2,000 years. With Christed consciousness, we can help clean all the old junk away – release it and the attached beings to their next higher level of existence. We can clear the decks for the new dispensation of, and the ready reception for, the rippling effects of 2012 and the second Pentecost*.

At 6:15a.m., I ran outside to see the eclipse of the moon, but it is not happening at this time and the moon is setting over the hills.

When I got back, Edgar greeted me with, ”Scribe back on track. Good morning everyone. Who has been thinking on the mission of this august group?” I right away said, “I have and I would like to tell it so I can deliver my message and be more free to hear and take in everybody else’s.” That got nods of approval from everyone so I just told them about the need for clearing the ether body of Earth – to lighten her load and to make it easier for freshly awakening humanity to clean up their own etheric bodies of their pasts, including past lives, and be able to peer into a more fortuitous future for themselves, their families, communities, continents and the whole world. I am satisfied with my contribution. It is one little aspect of the vast bigger picture, but I do think and feel that it would be so helpful.

“Thank you, Kienda,” Edgar said, after a respectful moment of silence as he always gives when people speak. “That is in harmony with what I will bring as well. Now, others, please?”

At that point it became a discussion with everyone adding bits and pieces. Halo* said, “That would also include healing the radiation leaks and ameliorating the effects of radiation which continues to damage the etheric realms. I feel it very painfully, since I am little and frail.”

Gary* (and I can only repeat the phrase) 'jumped in' and said, “And how about the GMOs and tampering directly with the DNA of plants, animals and humans? That is also damaging the etheric.” We all nodded in vigorous agreement. “And garbage, and the pacific gyre and pesticides.” Shushilla* added, “It’s disgusting – and so obvious to see on etheric fly-overs. And painfully sad.”

Edgar spoke up. “Well, my friends, here we are observing and delineating the problem once again. Now, on to what can be done and what shall we do about it!!!”

Garth-Majid* raised his hand for silence before going on. “Yes, dear friends, we can go round and round with the problems – it’s an old dance with the opposition – the problem creators. But we must rise above and go below merely clarifying the issues. So, from above, what lessons can such issues teach? What does humanity have to learn from these dreadful circumstances? What is their part in the creation of the garbage, the death-dealing pesticides, the GMOs and all the rest? What is the human component of the problem? The 'below' the physical problems, is a microcosm of the 'above' issue of what does humanity need to learn, love, and incorporate within themselves. What is the soul state of each individual person that allows these conditions to arise and even flourish in the outer world?” “Excellent.” said Edgar. “We have gone a step deeper into understanding the multiple dimensions of the issues.”

Siridon* then raised his hand to speak. This morning we are sitting at a round table which in the etheric worlds can be both large enough to fit a good sized group of a couple dozen, yet remain intimate – in close proximity to all and with excellent hearing. Siridon said, “In my observation of many star systems and in our own evolution, no one escapes transformation, which ultimately looks completely different than where one started from, or any other stage of metamorphosis that brings a race, a planet and a star system to its conclusion and ascension up the next rung of the vibratory ladder. We sentient entities (and all existence is sentient) can change either gracefully or not – with more or less pain and suffering until we learn to choose joy. That is one of the primary lessons for all created existence to learn in this, the human/earthly/physical/material stage of cosmic development – to choose to willingly change and metamorphose, or to refuse that option. To freely choose change is to flow with life, accept all parts and aspects of oneself and the world, and to modify oneself to harmonize with the upward swing possible in all events. That means a balanced middle path between the extreme ends of every pole/issue/situation of thought, emotion, or action.”

“This path has been espoused by every religion, in the language of each culture, and appropriate to the evolutionary stage of humanity throughout the ages. But/and humanity has moved on – learned the many lessons, acquired new abilities and skills; and in the natural flow of time, should leave the various religions in their time-appropriate pasts. Each human being is now called upon to individually and creatively express the accumulated wisdom from their lives and ages past – to live as the unique, well-evolved 21st century people that they are – or could be.”

“This is an area in need of cleansing. The ghosts of the past have co-opted most religions and organizations. Yes, there are still good little bits of dogma and a few cosmic truths rattling around the religions today, but most of the traditions and 'beliefs' are no long viable. 'Belief' in itself is questionable. Why would one merely 'believe' when one can experience and know? Which leads to something we can actually do.”

“We can create a clear and powerful etheric experience or augment an existing one. Can we – would it be appropriate – to thin the veil between the physical and etheric worlds so that awakened ones may have an etheric experience and know there is more behind the facade of external physical life?”

“The ultimate experience of Christ in the etheric world has passed. Now people must heal emotionally, come to the astral world and feel the unconditional love of Christ there, and be able to emulate that in daily life. The last 2,000 years was about 'freedom' – the next 2,000 is about unconditional love. The way it has gone over the last two millennia, the only freedom left is the individual choice of how one will respond to life's gifts – difficult though many may be. There is little freedom in the other spheres of life, cultural, social, political, financial, education, medical and on and on. All aspects of collective humanity are under the control of interlopers and trespassers on this planet, who have manipulated the indigenous populations. But the march of time will eventually trample all constructs and limitations.”

“Our team's activity must be aligned with the march of time along the evolutionary path. In that regard, what is humankind's place in the hierarchy of consciousness and ascension? What do they need? Where are they stuck and what specific actions would be helpful?” Siridon sat back down next to Gregor who beamed at him.

“Once again, excellent.” said Edgar. “Our web of thought is growing more complex and complete – heading for a sufficiently comprehensive understanding of what and where we, as an interstellar team might apply our energy and expertise. We will continue for a couple more days, then gestate over Holy Saturday – each going as deeply within as possible, releasing any last vestiges of restraining past fragments, to integrate anew on Easter Sunday. And then I trust that our path of action will be clear. Thank you.”

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