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The “Bum’s Rush” from the Noetics, and the Interstellar Team Regroups

Tuesday Noon March 22

after visiting The Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma

I went to St John's Episcopal Church after the 'bums rush' from the men and women at IONS*. I sat and wept a few tears, listened to the organist practicing, and then settled down and started writing. Edgar came right on, “Sorry, Dear, I didn't realize they were so recalcitrant or so entrenched in materialism with even disdain for the other worlds. I got a couple of folk into the entryway of the office to talk with you, but you have got to get over your personal feelings about all this and hand you cards out like confetti. It might not have made any difference – probably wouldn't – but just in case there is an awakening or I can get through to someone . . .”

“IONS has just become another organization that runs its people rather than the other way around. Let them be. They are embedded in the physical up to their necks and mostly view consciousness and super-consciousness as a subject to be studied, dissected, weighted and measured. The other aspect they work with now is 'good psychology' which they mistake for spirituality. So, lost cause. . . shades of the past. . . Let it go . . . I have.”

“We are in the midst of our own spiritual reality and we are creating things anew. We are forming, have formed, a team of humans both living and dead and that brings in their angels, and also on the team are members of four other races from different star systems. That is a very good start. We all respect one another and have among us a vast body of knowledge and expertise in many fields. We shall simply continue and we will grow in time.”

“Thanks, Edgar,” I said. “I have had butterflies in my stomach for a while about this. I did not have a good feeling and now I see that there were concrete reasons why. There is a fundamental distrust of the unseen worlds at the Noetics – even disdain and dislike. I got that right away. I did get a piece of information from the receptionist that there have been two other people who have called in and admitted to having communications with you, Edgar. And that tallies with your saying that you gave interviews to two mediums, but they amounted to nothing. Any little validation is appreciated.”

“So I can let this go now and press on. So I dried my tears and left the beautiful little church, and walked out into the sunshine of a glorious day.

Tuesday Afternoon, 2:30, March 22, 2016

I am weepy but here. I just walked for two hours through Petaluma – a great little town. I am ready for this afternoon session, sitting in my car and I am re-upping my commitment ante.”

Edgar said, “Great. Thanks, now to it. This morning I gave a rundown on the state of affairs. Are there additions or subtractions to be offered?” Everyone waited a bit while I shuffled around getting comfortable and settled, then Gary* jumped up and said, “You have described the general state of affairs on Earth, but what is the true state of affairs here in the lower four etheric planes and the fifth dimensional etheric world*? What is the true state of the astral worlds*, both higher and lower? And beyond? What is happening in the other star systems from which our friends come?” He stopped to take a deep breath, “Well, perhaps I'm carried away, and that is an excessively large question. But in our Solar System, who are the players on our field and what are their agendas and what is the present stage of evolution or 'de' that they are functioning from? When the time comes, I will have something to offer about Ahriman*.”

“Most excellent,” said Edgar with enthusiasm. “We need to understand these questions and their answers in order to perceive our group tasks in the worlds. Thank you for your expansive and courageous contribution.” After a pause, Edgar asked, “Any more questions or statements, please?”

Arihimsa* spoke, “Your questions are not excessive or too far reaching, Gary, thank you for them. We all need to understand the motives, intentions and collective agendas of those beings participating in or obstructing Earth evolution. When the time is right, I will give a large, cosmic overview.”

Neil Armstrong* asked, “Is it appropriate or necessary to understand the whole insane ball of wax/house of horrors that the government, the military, and the Secret Space Programs have been involved in? Not to mention the early jump the Nazis got in WWII? How much of that is relevant to our tasks? How much is possible to know for sure? And does it matter?”

“Welcome Neil, so glad you are here.” said Edgar. “And I think the need for the answers to those questions will come clear as we go along. From what I am hearing, it seems to me that we need to define our desired mission and a few goals to head for – knowing: things will change, new developments will arise, and that we must remain flexible in our thoughts, steady in our emotions, and discerning in all of our perceptions and consequent activities. “

“Tomorrow morning and the next few days, let us address our mission, goals and possible tasks, or at least begin that refining, because that will lead us to what information and action is needed. After Easter we can begin to work. It is not just 'chance' that brings us together in this way at this time, but divine appointment and synchronization with the impulse of Christ's resurrection that will be flooding the world this Easter Morning. (Kienda, if you look back over the days of Holy Week, you will see Christ's pattern of activities mirrored in our work.) We love Christ so deeply and honor His deeds. Gratitude swells to overflowing. I am so very grateful for my sensible, moral, early upbringing which has gilded my mortal experiences with spiritual gold, and now that I am, and we are, consciously in Christ’s presence; informs and guides the work of this team. Thank you all for your compassionate understanding.”

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