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Edgar Sets the Stage – Disaster 101

Tuesday Morning, March 22, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

On my way in meditation, I saw the donut* at the La Grange Point* and two mother ships were linked – their bottoms together. There is absolutely no gravity here, so directions don't function.

At the gathering place, the ETs and all those who have died are already there in the circle space. I am the only one coming from Earth, leaving my physical and etheric bodies and traveling to a different location and state of consciousness. Edgar and I are talking in the preliminary time. I said, “I'm going to the Noetics today at 10:30.” He replied, “Of course you are – we set the day and time. I trust that you will connect with whoever is right. I will do my best to inspire and enlighten anyone and everyone there. Most of them, however, are not really believers or experiencers, but scientists who consider such things as grist for the 'science of consciousness' mill. They haven't quite applied it or considered it pertinent to life. See about George on the board.”(I forgot about George on the board – will have to look him up on line.) ((I met him later and he said that a Peruvian Shaman was doing dangerous things that might ruin the scientific reputation of IONS. He is not open to the Interstellar Team with an attitude like that.))

“Now, let's begin,” and Edgar and I turned to the circle. Edgar addressed the group, “There are more participants in our circle who have not spoken – the so-called-dead. I am one of those, though I talk a lot. I speak for that group now. We feel strongly that Earth must continue a while longer in a somewhat stable state so that enough people can awaken from their unconsciousness, to a more living, vital, and positive hope for the future. Then steps can be taken to manifest that new, optimistic hope in a resurgence of humane cultural, social, and political changes across the globe. We will be incarnating again, and as it is now, worthy opportunities for effective, creative lives in which we can manifest our destinies and fulfill our missions are slim-pickings and on the down-slide. We see the suffering, pain, and brutality that are spreading across our world. We would like to arrest that tide of violence, war, lies, and hatred, and smooth the way for balance, harmony and peace to gain momentum. It’s pretty rudimentary, really. We, the human dead would like the world to be a happier, more free and loving place. We all have a karmic stake in the game of life and want to be more effective from this side of the threshold than any dead have been before.”

“We have a good start in that many of us have, during our lives, been in conscious contact with spiritual beings – both benevolent and malevolent – and ETs, also on both ends of the 'kindness' spectrum. We are the conscious ones who have experienced the polarities deeply and widely, and we have always made the choice for the light – well, almost always – at least when we have had the needed facts by which to make an informed and free choice.”

“So, I, Edgar, will speak first for the dead and then others will follow. There are infinite, uncountable forms of sentience in the Universe. The simple fact of organized patterns of the building blocks of the galaxy – the elements – brings with it duality or the polarity of every single property: hard/soft, hot/cold, swift/slow, etc. As one rises out of the mere physical, one enters realms that also function in duality, but within emotional, mental and spiritual parameters: happy/sad, true/false, life/death, etc. Into that 'set-up' – onto that stage – step individualized entities of all kinds whose job it is to learn to navigate between the extreme poles in every aspect of existence. The goal of it all is to master every duality and bring a balanced, fluid stasis to each little spot in the Universe. So, we self-conscious humanoid races from across the galaxy, are working on a similar pattern within our specific star systems. We are in varying stages of success and failure, but ultimately we are ascending the vibratory ladder to greater awareness and greater responsibility to do right by our little corner of this quadrant of the galaxy, and master the balancing act on every plane of our existence.”

“We human dead, can see how badly Earth has been pushed out of balance by our unconscious, adamantly ignorant behaviors, and how that continues rampant today. We would like to help awaken our brothers and sisters in the family of humankind to more efficient and effective ways of living a free and loving life and how to extend that possibility to everyone on Earth.”

“And that is where the relationship with extra-terrestrial beings who are light years ahead of us and who are in alignment with their own evolution (as different from the path of devolution or falling back into wider polarities and choosing the death, pain, locked into physical parameters and lower vibratory conditions of power and domination; or the wanton destruction of creation and the divine plan for ascending upward into higher, finer states of existence) becomes a valuable, and now, virtually indispensable, ally in the upward march of Earth and us all.”

“Humanity has digressed and strayed from the path of straightforward evolution. There are lessons we must learn in order to increase our conscious awareness and exercise of our free will, and the expansion through empathy, of our emotional capacities. To learn those lessons, we need an environment of freedom and the possibility of success and failure. The ability to discern must be honed by practice and the intensification of complexity and subtlety. Sadly, human beings have not been quick learners.”

“And then, there are the designated forces of opposition to freedom and love. They have been working overtime and having a hey-day on Earth. It is now the eleventh hour and fifty-five minutes to 'mandatory change.' It would be the best case scenario if human beings, in massive grass-roots numbers, would awaken from their enforced, substance-driven slumber and choose love and freedom as the bottom line; rather than power and domination, ignorance and comfort, slothfulness and greed, fear and anger, etc. It is still a beautiful world, and we can pull back from the brink of careless destruction towards which we are blindly running.”

“So, having set the Earthly stage, the Extraterrestrials moment has arrived. Many different races have interacted and intervened for millennia – actually, since the dawn of time and space: The Fall, facilitated by Lucifer*, the regent of the Morning Star, not an indigenous Earthling; the Anunaki*, the sons of gods who found the daughters of earth pleasurable; feathered serpents; winged beings; and the animal-headed gods of Egypt. They have been here a long time. Unfortunately, in a free will zone (which Earth is in by virtue of her evolutionary stage, as all systems have been through) it is not appropriate for higher more evolved beings to tamper to their own advantage with a developing species. So those ETs who did so, were trespassing cosmic law. The beneficent ones did not come as gods and manipulators to religions, governments, and rulers, but rather inspirers of the hearts and minds of individuals.”

“Well, now we are rather desperately in need of inspiration and loving stimulus to awaken to freedom. It's clear to me, Edgar Mitchell, sixth man to officially walk on the moon, that we need the inspiration of clean technology and energy sources. They are available, just kept from production for the masses by the unscrupulous controllers of the outer forms of government, finance, education, etc. etc. etc. Nothing less than a complete grass-roots awakening and movement toward a life-style and culture based on true human values of love, freedom, community, beauty, truth and nobility will do what needs to be done.”

“The conscious awareness of the earthly situation and the individual decision to change towards love and freedom for all, is the necessary first step. Anything imposed through organizations and governments are too susceptible to dark influence and control. The light must arise and grow within each human heart and mind, and be brought into manifestation by a million, billion conscious human beings, each in their own lives and in the lives of their communities.”

“So, with this as a preface, introduction and stage set, of the here and now, we will continue with offerings from others later today and until we have come to distill our mission statements and set a few goals for the near future. I am so incredibly grateful that we have all assembled and have chosen freely from our highest ideals, to work for this world's evolution and the upliftment of the solar system, and this quadrant of the galaxy.”

“When we have accomplished this, our first task – defining our mission – we will present it to Christ for His approval and blessing. Then we will rise to the New Jerusalem*. Now it is appropriate to be very near Earth to feel her pulse and monitor the changes as they occur so as to stay current.”

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