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Adventures with Corey Goode

Monday Morning March 21, 2016 - Continued

The business at hand is a little more about us in this group and our personal ideals and intentions so we can know what we have to work with. So, who could like to speak this morning?”

Corey Goode* stepped in. I had not noticed him the last few days because he keeps a low profile, or maybe he wasn't there then. Anyway, he said, “Greetings Friends and compatriots. I am here with my friend from Inner Earth*, Kaaree*, because they are a part of this story too.”

“Now, I am aware that I cannot be totally trusted because of the training I have been through. There are parts of myself to which I have no access. There are things and places that have been permanently damaged, manipulated and co-opted. I am sorry about that, but that is all I know. What is 'me,' I have a handle on, and I am good and true to the best of my abilities. I and we must be aware of those inaccessible areas which are the great unknown in myself.”

“In all that I have seen and done since I stepped out on my own, I have consciously chosen the light, positive human side of each issue. Again and always, I must add, 'to the best of my conscious abilities' with the caveat that I have perhaps a larger unconscious than most, which is possibly, under the control of other entities with a different agenda and a more conscious, malicious nature than sugar or chocolate. “

“I have a vast data base of interstellar connections and relations, as well as information and experiences with the complex situation on Earth, herself. I would like to put my knowledge and expertise at the service of this circle and this mission. I would also like help and protection to get clear of the manipulation to my self, soul, and psyche. I would like to work for the good and the Goode of humankind, Earth, the Solar System, the galaxy and all sentient beings within the Universe.”

Kaaree has been beside Corey and now stepped forward a bit. “I also would like to work for galactic harmony. We, as a people small in number and isolated, have achieved an inner serenity in the face of great and violent odds. It would be a grace and blessing if we/I would add that quality and the means of achieving it to the mix here in this circle. My race is intimately entwined with the evolution of Gaia, Mother Earth, and our hostess at this moment. We have perfected a beneficial relationship with her Elementals* – the etheric forces and beings of material creation. Gaia and the Elementals are evolving upward to higher realms, ascending by degrees up the vibrational ladder of existence. We are too. 'We all go together when we go,' or if not, we would fall into devolution and sink into lower states of brutality and the dark pole. There are many races, some in inner Earth, that have taken that dark, left-hand path. We, the - - - -, and she spoke their name in her own tongue which sounded like a musical 'Seelayla' in multiple, simultaneous tones and overtones have mostly polarized toward the light. Although for survival, we have had to barricade ourselves against the dark others, we feel compassion for their unhappy, unkempt chaotic state. There have been one or two of them, over time, that have joined us and we are able to love and respect one another mutually, so we know that they are salvageable. I would be deeply honored to represent my race in this circle with the goal of bringing light to balance the dark, and to find and walk the path of balance and harmony on this, our beautiful Earth, and in our Solar System. Christ, our Solar Logos has walked among us millennia ago and He is the source through His maintaining creation, of the light in our world. Thank you.” We all clapped in appreciation and Kaaree and Corey held hands and beamed.

Edgar said, “Thank you, Friends. It would be good if you two living humans got together in the physical world. Kienda, take note. Write to Corey and make it happen. We must now 'make things happen.' There is no precedent for our activity and so no karmic patterns will pull us into the future. We have past karma, but our intents and desires which are coming to light only now, are the forces by which we will be able to act. So go – connect with Corey and see what you can cook up together on behalf of living human beings. There are enough of us human souls on this side of the threshold (death) and we are in instantaneous communication at all times. You, the living, have more work to do to open channels of telepathic communication. Actually, we need a new term for higher dimensional dialogue. Anyway, see what you can do. Thanks. Oh, don't exactly mind-meld with Corey until we here see what is going on with him. You do not want to catch a virus. Remain firmly in yourself – merely communicate physically.”

Turning to the pair in the center, Edgar asked, “Corey, are you willing to undergo an examination so we can see what we all are dealing with here?” and Corey answered, “I am willing, but need to say that I want to retain the information I have gathered over my lifetime. I do not want to infect anyone or any space or anything, if there has been a negative implant hidden inside of me. I do not trust the motives of those who trained me. I would only advise extreme caution. I am not just a normal human being. I have been tampered with in ways I do not cognize or understand. You have too, Edgar, but your’s has been more benign and I can see that you have had remedial and restorative work done over the last years of your life and since your death. I hope to be as clear as you in the future. So yes, I will greatly appreciate being examined and healed by any of this group, and only do not want to be the source of any disruptive energies, forces or patterns on any level. I thank you profoundly.”

The meeting closed with Corey going off with Edgar, Siridon* and Gregor*, Arihimsa*, and Garth-Majid* – all the highly evolved and technically advanced individuals in our group. They will be able to safely view and interact with whatever they find has been done and implanted in Corey. They will do nothing without his direct consent.

I am not a part of this aspect at all. I am only the scribe for the team gatherings. I can only see and understand within my frame-work and with words and concepts that I have experienced and expanded into. So when I rose up to see what they saw in Corey, I observed little bubbles of what look like the pictures I saw of 'phages' at Evergreen College, back in the day (virus-like creatures that looked half organic and half mechanical.) They have now been surrounded by a shield of light so they cannot be activated by dark energy projections from those who implanted them in Corey's etheric organs. Corey agreed, and feels better already. He feels more secure and balanced and at ease. The team then placed a sheath of light all around him at the periphery of his 'resting' aura so that if the dark side sent any energies towards him, they would be absorbed and made light, and the senders would not register anything unusual, just a bit of nothing. Corey is protected within and without. He can now work from his own impulses and destiny calls, and will in time, see where, if anywhere, he has been under the constant influence of the manipulating entities. Then he will have a choice.

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