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The Interstellar Team – A few Cosmic Threads Who Have Voluntarily Braided their Lives Together at th

Saturday Morning, March 19, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

After a full meditation at 5:30, my posse and I went up to the New Jerusalem* and down the hall to a see what was happening with Christ and the Galactic Federation*. The room is dark so we are looking around where to go. Edgar had said we would take the week-ends off, but since I woke up as usual at 5ish, I thought we could come up here instead, but it seems that everyone is taking a break. And the wild turkeys in Marin Valley have set up a constant kerfuffle.

The basic meditation was lovely and profound. I am going to sleep in the other room now as I am getting my request for a break. Nothing to report. All is well, and I will get to my work later. Thank you.

Sunday, March 20, 2016 – Palm Sunday and Spring Equinox –

Marin Valley, California

A Cosmic Odyssey* - the title for the series of books from Edgar and the Interstellar Team. “A” - what a lovely little word. It includes everyone and everything. Not “The” Cosmic Odyssey, an exclusive, one-of-a-kind occurrence, but “A Cosmic Odyssey”– one of a billion, trillion, jillion galactic odysseys or cosmic adventures or lives – as many as there are entities existing. Each human or extra-terrestrial spark of consciousness moves through its own unique individual odyssey. But just imagine the synergistic power of journeying together. A mission and goal might galvanize a group into a co-operating whole and change the worlds.

Ultimately we are alone: each individual responsible for their own choices, successes or failures, and the fulfillment of their destiny. And yet, we are all one, as in little parts of one universe. We are all made of the same stuff and co-habit the same multiple dimensions, and live within eternity and infinity. Yes, we are all one, and as Carl Sagan* once said, “We are all star dust.”

The Odysseus* of this tale is Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon in officially public purview. Who knows the full story – the true story? Probably no one. It’s vast and convoluted and cumbersome. So we will busy ourselves with what bits and pieces we, in the Interstellar Circle, know for sure. We are a few cosmic threads who have voluntarily braided our lives together at this juncture of time and space. Our paths have crossed many times since the dawn of creation. Do we perhaps remember rubbing molecules in the primordial ooze? – the chaos of the un-formed? Whatever. Here and now a group of conscious entities from multiple star systems has come together by choice and association. And that might be one key: association.

Edgar is well aware of this fact, having associations with the Space Program, the Government, the Secret Space Program*, and ETs; not to mention normal family, friends, karmic connections from multiple past lives, and the destiny to be what every little boy dreamed of – an astronaut and to actually journey into space and walk on the moon. Ignacio said to me on the phone, “Don't take this lightly, Kienda. This is important. The group is creating the new culture of our mutual futures.” I agree and have stopped feeling a little silly about this whole affair. I suppose it has been the way I have down played all of my super-sensory, psychic experiences. But this is a next step in interstellar relations: a multi-star system team that works together in harmony with the Solar Logos and the many levels of planetary beings, dimensions, and consciousness.

I realize that we will get to know each other and come to our mission statement and when we are a community, then we may move up into the New Jerusalem*. Although we will continue to use the etheric rooms nearer to Earth to apply (and what is the correct term ? One that leaves people free to receive or reject. Apply? Impress? Offer? Extend? Perhaps offer is the freest.) or to offer energies and impulses. The Interstellar Team will at different times want to offer energy or thought patterns of harmony, or feelings of peace and community, or visions, inspirations and intuitions to both specific individuals that we have connections with; and groups (like cities, or organizations or countries or the whole world) who could if they chose, be assisted by the team's working. All with Christ's approval and blessing, mind you.

A Little Rant from Edgar – Unfortunately Well Deserved

Monday Morning, March 21, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Boy-o-boy, do I have a sugar/chocolate hangover !! I really, painfully and shamefully see what addictions can do. I feel sluggish and not clear, whereas I was feeling like I could do what is necessary before and was enjoying it. Now I'm tired and just want to sleep, but I have something valuable to do! I will do it and I will overcome the lethargy and the sugar cravings. Absolutely.

Edgar greeted the sorry-assed me, “Sorry for your sad lesson, but we need to move this whole thing up a couple of notches. You, my dear, are the weak link, but a living person is crucial to the project. This Project Redemption Humankind – no that is not right. It's Project Awakening Mankind*. That's the first necessary step. Redemption comes later – that will follow. Now is for awakening – stirring to awareness and applying human consciousness to itself in a good way, as our Native American friends would say. You, Kienda, must live it too. You can't just be zoned out on sugar aftermaths. WTF good is that? NONE!! NO!!! Don't fucking do that! If you can't keep clear, how in God's name can the rest of them (normal living human beings) do so. You use your privilege for the most bizarre things and behaviors. So get with it. Model your truth. Be proud of us – in a humble way. Or better yet, just be normal and common and every-day about your discipline, gifts, commitment, and the work we do. BUT ! DO ! IT !!!!!!!!!!”

“Now, on to our meeting. As you can see Kienda, everyone in this circle supports you in your task among us, and for yourself as well. Thanks everyone, now let's get down to business.

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