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The Continuing Saga of Siridon and Gregor

Friday Afternoon, March 18, 2016

I am talking with Edgar before the meeting. “I love the work. It's just a bit much. I must become more efficient and get things done in a timely manner.” Edgar telepathically communicated with me the following: “The work we do in this circle will not be physically manifest except perhaps by a series of books. There will be no espionage – no physical encounters – no clandestine tasks of a material nature. That is not appropriate! at all!! We are working for clarity, harmony and synchronization in many other dimensions. Human beings – living human beings are the only entities that have a right or a real reason to move anything physical or to create or destroy in their realm.” I heartily agreed – telepathically.

At 2:30 Edgar greeted the circle. “Gregor* and Siridon* were in mid-sentence when we closed this morning. Would you like to continue?”

Gregor and Siridon again stepped into the circle and Siridon continued, “So, we are a very old and very wise race now. Although we had no part in it, we watched for millennia, the effects of the intervention by reptilian beings, called on Earth – the Fall. Humanity struggled for eons with the results, and succumbed a few times, was nearly destroyed, but made a comeback, only to be subjected to other interlopers and un-asked-for meddling with their genetics as well as emotional tampering through religions and cultural manipulations. It has not been easy. The effects of the luciferic intervention has finally reached its limit. Humanity has learned all it can from the difficult lessons that Lucifer and his tribe have inflicted. There are more severe challenges present and ahead. “

“Lucifer* knew the time for his redemption was nigh and his descendants petitioned the Galactic Federation* for permission to assist humanity in overcoming the hard-wired physiological and anatomical effects of the original intervention. It seemed clear that without more assistance from on high, and with, of course, the approval and blessing of Christ, the Solar Logos*, humanity might not be able to take the next evolutionary steps in time to keep up with all the other hierarchies, thereby leaving a void that would be filled by the dark side*, since no positive force would intrude unasked. The dark side already has a strangle-hold on the super-structures of Earth at the expense of the masses and would instantly fill any void without even a 'by your leave.'”

“The request was granted by Christ, and the Galactic Federation went into gear, placing two Mother Ships at the disposal of Project Redemption Lucifer*. Members of the Federation from all over the galaxy volunteered to work on the project. Because of my personal history with Earth and humanity, and again, because of the 'resume' of my race in technical and spiritual expertise, I became the Project manager on Ship #1. This was not an 'experiment.' Project Redemption Lucifer was a procedure to modify the effects of the original intervention and give human beings the opportunity to consciously transform their response mechanism to the sense world. Each individual human was and is free to utilize the assistance or not. It was all cleared and approved by Christ, I assure you. Actually, it was gratefully accepted since Christ was in the midst of his own transformative deeds and humanity had not yet processed his first deeds from 2,000 years before. Humanity definitely needed more help.“

“Only a few human beings were aware of the project, being able to remain conscious in other dimensions. Kienda was one of those, which is how I came to know her better. We had already met a few times before she became a participant in the project. When our Mother Ship was taken over by ETs of the dark persuasion and their cohorts, the project was nearly 95% complete. It is in the destiny of those who did not receive the modifications to learn to metamorphose on their own. It will be a rewarding challenge for them and those who love them, to find the ways and means of change, and accomplish the necessary transformation.”

“At any rate, I have devoted centuries of my life to observing Earth and the development of human consciousness and culture. Having worked on this project, I feel that I have much to offer this group and the work we will take on. At this crucial time, I am happy to be of service again. Gregor and I are delighted to be comrades again on a worthy and indeed noble adventure, unique in the annals of cosmic history. Thank you.” Gregor and Siridon gave gentlemanly bows to us all as we clapped.

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