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More Ideal-Storming – Halo’s Contribution

Thursday Afternoon, March 17, 2016 – Saint Patrick's Day

I am having a preliminary discussion with Edgar about the location of the meetings. It almost feels like an unused military 'hangar' somewhere in space – in the ethers close to Earth. It is on the inside of the donut*, closer to Earth. The donut orbits in the Le Grange point of perfect equilibrium of gravitational pulls between the Earth and Moon/sun. Or is it perhaps and ET ship?

The meeting began and Edgar asked, “Where are we?” and then said, “South by southwest, second star to the right and straight on till dawn.” We all laughed. The translators* also give a background for terminology, names, and even jokes. So everyone got the joke that Edgar was referring to Never Never Land – the home of Peter Pan and that whole crew, and maybe the music festival in Austin, Texas, S x SW.

“Actually,” he said, “It's just a little spot carved out of the ethers – rather close to home. If we remain in Earth’s atmosphere, we can influence the vibes more readily and effectively. So we will remain here for a while and see how things work out. I know that Christ has offered space in the New Jerusalem*, but for now I think we can remain here.”

“We are here for more ideals and intentions.” Edgar said to the group. Siridon* and Gregor* were going to step in, but little Halo* jumped in ahead of them. That was fine with them since both Siridon and Gregor are wise and mellow individuals.

Halo began in a quiet little voice, looking apprehensively around the circle at first, “I am here because Kienda is my mother. If not through genetics, then by the love she gave me as a baby and little child. She only remembers and treasures one conscious time, but over the years she came often at night and comforted and encouraged me. I would not want to see the masses of humanity slide back from those loving behaviors. And sadly, I do see much injustice, pain and sorrow when I look down at Earth. It is so tragic because it is so unnecessary. People must first wake up. I am not sure what I can do, but I bring a newly opening heart and gratitude for all the love that has been given to me.”

“My people have been so constricted and contracted by circumstances that we ourselves in the past created, that it will take a long time to unfold and expand the promise in our souls. The hybridization of my race, the Greys, has been a step we needed to survive, although in the beginning in alliance with other ETs of dubious motives, values and ethics, it was a somewhat brutal experience for all concerned. Now and mercifully when I was conceived and Mother Kienda held and nurtured me, we had gained a new respect for human beings and the encounters were beneficial for both and all parties. In the distant past, Greys had eradicated emotions from their souls in a last ditch effort to survive in an inhospitable environment, too close quarters, and with no opportunity for free expression. Things have so blessedly changed. We are opening up now to balancing emotions, although I, for one, still experience fear and overwhelm, and I must work hard to come into balance. But I do.”

“So, I will do my very best to remain in harmony with all the wonderful exchanges and shenanigans going on around here. I will gladly step in to help or act as appropriate and I ask your assistance in perceiving those opportunities for myself, since free will has not been a factor for my old race and I would like to develop love and freedom to the best of my abilities at this time – for my people, for myself, and for the worlds to come. Thank you.” Then in an aside to herself, Halo said, “That wasn't so bad.” and a slight smile graced her little face.

“Thank you, Halo.” said Edgar. “That was bravely and well done.” We all clapped and poured love in her direction. That ended the session.

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