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Ideal-Storming – Arihimsa’s Contribution

Thursday Morning, March 17, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

To open the meeting, Edgar simply said, “Good morning. Today, again, we are voicing our ideals and intentions for the work of this group.”

Arihimsa* stepped into the center of the circle, glowing and radiating golden love and peace. He said, “My race is light years ahead of humanity. My original star system is pure light now and we move throughout the Milky Way offering higher vibrational support to many other planets, star systems, and people. It is so lovely to be here and understood by everyone. This is a unique gathering, in that the few Humans and Reptilians do not have hidden agendas. But then, this is one of the first of its kind – a prototype of how many races can come together and work in cooperation.”

“My race, the - - - - - (and he spoke their name in their own language which is music and echoes and harmonics many decibel ranges beyond my ear to hear – K) has evolved to the state of what humanity will be in the 'Vulcan'* epoch in the far distant future of humanity. Our Spirit Self, Life Spirit and Spirit* - - - (another word from his language) are fully developed, and we create only by sound. We can take the forms we do, by necessity, will, and agreement. The 'flaps' on the sides of my head are organs by which we perceive inspiration. I hear the cosmic symphony and respond as I feel an inner directive and clearly hear a call for my assistance. I do not sleep or die, having left the physical totally. I do rest in the cosmic music in the heart of God. That is my meditation these days.”

“In the ancient past of our world we teetered on many a brink, as Garth-Majid* said, and we floundered and slipped into more than one abyss, and in a sense had to start over after each fall. We persevered. We had help from beings above us. We made it. We now individually ride the waves of cosmic energy from Galactic Center to little outposts like Earth that are facing a powerful challenge to their ordained evolutionary plan. I personally have come to Earth numerous times and worked with both Edgar in Persia and Kienda in Egypt, which is why I am so happy to be here again among old friends.”

“The reason I am here is because of the value of one-to-one individual contact. The energy of acceptance, respect, and love between individual entities is the force of cohesion that knits each planet and system a mantle of warmth (or not), and as in our cases, builds bridges among interstellar races and fills the universe with unifying energy. It is a matter of vibrating in singular fashion and realizing our unity in love.”

“There are sadly, many worlds that do not wish yet, to join their forces in unity with the Creator's original plan. Many whole star systems and many individuals in properly evolving systems, have habituated themselves, or been trapped in ego isolation and the fragmentation of their peoples and planets. Earth has been on this brink for a while now. It is the love from one human being to another, and the resulting empathy for all, that will grow like the light of an Easter Sunrise and bring about the needed awakening and transformation of Earth, her inhabitants, and the Solar System. Earth will be moving towards a unity based on millions and billions of aware, clearly conscious, individual human beings, communicating openly and honestly from the depths of their souls. That will realign mankind into a true spiritual being – the Family of Man – the Body of Christ. It will be truly wonderful to have Earth shining as a beacon of love in this quadrant of the galaxy, that is the best possible future for all.”

“Therefore, I gather here to love my friends and make new ones. I bring my high vibrations as a leaven and a lightening to every issue, to every being. And I am honored and grateful to partake, share, and exchange as much, as deep, as high as possible with every entity and on every occasion. Thank You.” We all clapped and though we did not cheer, there was a deep murmuring in all of our throats.

Arihimsa then continued, “Let us all come closer in the circle. Clasp and embrace the individuals on each side of your selves. Feel the energy circling.” We held this embrace for a few eternal minutes and then Arihimsa went on, “Now, bring in everyone you have ever known and whose lives you have shared for even a moment.” First I brought in my family and friends, then I brought in the 'shrimp*' and 'octopus*' ETs and other Greys* that I had encountered inside Mount Shasta* and other places. Then I invited all the Dragon/Reptilians* and others from Aldebaran* and Sirius*, everyone from all my hypnotherapy sessions and past lives; and they all came. Next, I invited the heavy and dark sides – the Himmlers* and torturers and betrayers. They have to come also. They are a part of existence that will eventually awaken in light. So with my physical body weeping, I brought them into the circle.

The power of love in the group overpowered the darkness even in their souls. They could not detract from the light. The few hardened ones, who go through the Black Door after death*, just endured the experience. Everyone else was moved and en-lightened and there was a lot of giggling and laughing and hopping around by many I had included, and also many Edgar had called in through association. This was the first time for many of them to be in such an inspiring, transforming, eclectic group and some could hardly bear the energy without giving way to the release of laughter and movement.

Arihimsa expanded to his natural state – a huge glowing form of light – and touched each soul there, weaving a complex web of galactic dimensions. (I think that Arihimsa is a Dynamis or Exusiai in the Hierarchy*. There are not many of his kind. As one rises up the evolutionary ladder, the number of resident beings is smaller, but more powerful as many souls unite in fewer individuals. Many blend and meld into one stronger, more conscious, compassionate, and expanded being – a united amalgam of many. K)

The time had come for Edgar to close our gathering. We all know that this process of bonding, weaving and ascending will continue for a long time and that we will go about our individual activities in a more aware state. Thank you, Arihimsa.

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