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Ideals, Goals, and Objectives – Garth-Majid’s Contribution

Wednesday Afternoon, 2:30 – March 16, 2016

“So, here we all are,” Edgar greeted us. “How are we feeling today?” and he looked around. Most are smiling as we almost all enjoy the energy. Halo* is (and John Doe* was) always a bit tentative and overwhelmed, but she, too, is relaxing into these meetings. “So again, let's summarize and get our credentials and facts straight and simple. We are a gathering of individuals from many races from the Milky Way Galaxy. Is there anyone who comes specifically as an official ambassador from their race?” Edgar asked. No one answered in the affirmative.

We are all here by our own individual choice because of our connection with one another from past experiences where we did meet sometimes on 'official' business. But we are all here now by individual free choice. (That is my summary of the issue. K)

Edgar then continued, “That is very fortunate. No one will be constrained by protocol. We are a gathering of free individuals from many dimensions who have come together by ideals and will impulses that harmonize together.” Everyone nodded. “Let us bring these ideas and ideals, goals and objectives out into the circle,” Edgar said.

We all stood silently for a few moments, then Garth-Majid*, the oldest and wisest Reptilian* lumbered into the center and said, “The positive evolution of one accrues to the positive evolution of All. Earth and her inhabitants are teetering on the brink of another evolutionary step. I would like to help assure that step is firm and well grounded, and not a slip into the abyss which has happened before. The time is propitious. Great strides can be taken beyond this first hesitant step. As it is my brother, Lucifer*, who played his part so magnificently and created such deep obstruction in human evolution, I personally want to ameliorate the residual effects of his deeds, now that he is in the process of redemption. I would never have betrayed the destiny of my race in the past, but the turning point has come now, so I am free to choose my own actions and the application of my will and power. I choose to assist in any way I can, the Christed evolution of humanity, Earth, and the Solar System.”

It was a deeply rousing speech and we all cheered and clapped. Ahh, Bey, and Tsey*, my three reptilian friends from the Galactic Federation mother ship*, stepped into the circle and stood beside Garth-Majid. Ahh quipped, “What he said.” gesturing to Garth-Majid, and we all laughed. Bey said, “We had been working on the Galactic Federation Mother Ship as technical crew, when Project Redemption Lucifer was taking place. From everything we experienced there, we three were touched and impressed by the vulnerability and fragility of humans. And yet, they hold great promise. The fulfillment of that promise is needed in their own world, and in the larger cosmic scheme. I chose to return to work for the unfolding of human potential and promise, after our ship was commandeered by the dark side. We were returned home, but when this gathering began, we returned to work with Siridon, our friend and former commander of Project Redemption Lucifer*, and with Kienda whom we had met a few times before.” And Tsey added. “We are honored to be included in this august assemblage. May we three further human awakening to the beautiful potential within. Thank you.” And again, everyone smiled, cheered, and clapped.

Edgar closed the meeting. “Thank you, Friends. We shall continue this ideal-storming for a few days and then move on to our mission statement for the group. Then plans for action on all vibratory levels will be created, and then – then – we will act. Now, we are setting the personal energetics into harmony which is a general goodness and is already impressing many dimensions. Thank you all again.”

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