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Tasks and Job Description – Kienda’s Commitment to Joining the Team or The Raggle-Taggle Gypsies

Wednesday Morning, March 16, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Edgar greeted me, “The raggle-taggle, late-again gypsies are here. You asked for this time and space to work in, don't give it away – honor it and do your job. You are settled again and feeling better, so set up your times and practices clearly and then keep them. All is well. We are moving forward.”

“The members of the group are affirming their particular skills and abilities to the mission of the circle. We are in the stage of creating boundaries, setting parameters and creating a form which will be living, mobile, and changeable as appropriate. We will be dictating the specific beginning words when we have offered our suggestions. You, Kienda, are our human scribe, and since you are as yet the only living human being in the group, the designated 'revealer' to the physical world. All of us will be working in higher realms and affecting the thinking, feeling and willing of humanity by raising the vibrations, and by seeding positivity into the etheric, astral, mental and devachanic planes as a natural consequence of our interactions there. It is to be hoped that individual humans will resonate with the new vibrations we generate and be open to receive them and our loving support for their own participation in the unfolding cosmic drama of evolutionary awakening here and now in earthly/solar time and space.”

“So, Kienda, if you will be so kind as to take notes and express our group’s work in humanly-understandable terms, that would be a blessing. I will edit and dictate as necessary and appropriate. Your real job is to get here on time and in the correct receptive conscious meditative state. And keep up with the transcriptions. When we have come to the conclusion of this first stage of development, I and others will make contact and see about publishing all of this or at least getting it out to the few who may be able to join and work together with us. It will depend upon individuals awakening and then after self-chosen disciplining of themselves and mastery of their thinking, feeling and willing, their offering their hard-won skills to Christ and the evolution of Earth and the Solar System which includes many dimensions, races, hierarchies and beings from this quadrant of the Universe. We will be able to perceive those who are ready, and can help guide you, Kienda, to them.”

“When we have refined our mission and our individual tasks, and you have synchronized with us, we will have an inaugural blessing with Christ and the Solar Council*. Please, be ready. So you can participate as fully as possible. Thank you, Kienda. I Edgar, know that this is not quite the assignment you anticipated. But, you are the only one here now.” “Oh, no, Edgar,” I replied, “I am honored in the highest. I just want to do a good job. I am profoundly happy to be able to do anything with this august assembly and on this project. I thank you.”

“So,” Edgar added, “let's set up the time frames and necessities.

Morning meditations

5:30 – 6 My meditations and gratitude

6 – 6:15 Gathering and preliminaries

6:15 – 7:30 Meeting and transcription

After – Compute right away, live in the experience and augment as needed.

Afternoon Sessions

2:15 – 2:30 Settle, re-meditate and prepare

2:30 – 3:30 Session and transcriptions

After – Compute right away to augment as necessary.

I physically looked up at that point and there was (and still is) a piece of a rainbow in the cloudy sky. I went outside on the steps by the garden to see more clearly and it was beautiful. It was a circle of color and a part of a vertical rainbow, a blessing from the Elementals* and Christ, their Lord. I feel beautifully affirmed and validated and our work together has been blessed. Thank you.

So, I closed my eyes again to check in with my spiritual family about my being the scribe and taking transcriptions. Shushilla* said, right away, “Oh, Yes. This is wonderful.” Siridon* also said, “Yes, this is the right and good next step for your development as well as being good for the larger picture.” Gary* said, “Good!! We humans and others, are bringing the work (the battle, the confrontation, the challenge) up into the spheres where it will have more power and effect and do more good.” Christian Alexander* said, “Go, Mom!!” And the Warriors of the Rainbow Light* echoed that with, “Go, Mum! For where you go, we go also. Thank you.”

So, yes, I commit to working together with this group in this way and bringing the fruits of our community to human consciousness.

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