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The Crux of the Problem

Tuesday Morning, March 15, 2016 – Marin Valley. California

I realized after the Act of Consecration of Man* that the Ascended Master's* may also serve as the heads of other planets in the solar system. They are part of Christ's congress of the Solar System.

Before traveling on into the spiritual world and Edgar's group, I digressed to clear up some old sorrows from Kindermeadow*. Thank you for the time and space to do that. Then I had a half hour for Edgar. So I asked for forgiveness and he said, “Don't come here asking for forgiveness. Come here ready to work. See you at 2:30 and let's get to it.” Now I must compute the old ones and be ready!!!

Tuesday Afternoon, 2:30 - March 15, 2016

On the button at 2:30, Edgar began. “Good afternoon. We will begin this afternoon session by a brief review of the history of this circle. I, Edgar D. Mitchell, met many of you while I was still alive and working in the space program as an astronaut. My experiences in space put me in touch with the ETs among you and my knowledge and involvement with the 'secret space program' put me in touch with the hybrids among you, such as Halo*. There are a couple of deceased humans who have joined the party: Neil*, Tesla*, a couple of Russian Astronauts who had similar experiences to mine (Horichovna and Merkel) and the teacher. There are no living individuals that I have worked with before, but Kienda – a living woman has joined with her posse of ETs, deceased humans of a number of human races, and she is dragging some of her family along who are completely unconscious at the moment.”

“There are no Nazis* here, no Einstein*, nor any classic scientists, but individuals whose destiny has drawn us together to work between many realms for the healing of Earth and her inhabitants. We are under the guidance and auspices of Christ, the Solar Logos* and are in harmony and support of earthly evolution. We are a unique group from many dimensions and different worlds and systems, but we have joined on Earth to work positively here. In the pasts and futures we will do the same for different planetary systems. We are here, now. So let's get the party rolling.”

“What are the pressing issues we need to address? A couple of the more volatile are atomic energy and war, but those issues cannot be tackled head-on first. There are other more pivotal points to consider. The root issue is the darkened consciousness of humanity brought on by oppression from the established bureaucratic infrastructure: governments, the military/industrial complex, financial institutions, education, medicine, media, and the list goes on. Every organization, institution and bureaucracy is infiltrated, manipulated, controlled and used to apply pressure on the general populations and distract and disarm any awakening. The super-structure of oppression uses every weakness of humanity as well as withholding evolutionary truths from the masses.”

“You see, the masses are not yet able to extricate themselves from the manipulated systems. Only a precious few have done so, but then they also have other human weaknesses of ego imbalances – unworthiness and/or flagrant ego aggrandizement. Very few humans are turning within for truth, discernment, guidance and validation. Instead, there is pervasive, adamant, ignorance, and willful refusal to observe objectively, discern the thread of truth, and then take the appropriate needed action, which will include major changes within one-self. It is a problem that few are ready to tackle. Most people don't even know such a thing is possible or desirable. Most are in the traces of survival – harnessed like animals to upholding the lies of the established world regime and aspiring to the life- style that enslaves.”

“What can WE do about this root problem? It's time to close this afternoon. Tomorrow when we meet again, may we all please share suggestions? If we can approach these problems from many sides, perhaps we can formulate a plan of action and how to actualize it.”

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