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Rudolf Steiner joins the party. Choices must be made.

Tuesday Morning, March 8, 2016 – San Jacinto, California

“So we are going to debrief the Act of Consecration of Man*,” said Edgar. “It is so eclectically all inclusive that even Extraterrestrials can participate or at least rightfully observe and support it.” Rudolf Steiner* was in the gathering this morning and said, “Of course, I was aware of the fact of Extraterrestrials and ancient alien astronauts, but the terminology that I used for my experiences were those acceptable in my day. The phenomena had not become rampant, except toward the end of my life. Therefore I consciously kept the Act of Consecration of Man – though specifically for humankind – yet open to Extraterrestrial’s observation, appreciation, and welcome participation.”

Steiner went on, “Every being, every particle and energy vibration that enters the solar system comes rightfully under Christ's aegis. If they come in peace, then they are welcomed to support the evolution of Christ's Solar System. If they are less morally evolved but rather only technologically advanced, then they will not be interested in the indigenous species evolutionary state or the Act of Consecration of Man. Those ETs will have their own agenda for Earth and her resources. When humanity has aligned itself with its own evolution, consciously, intelligently and compassionately, then their own energy will protect this planet.”

“We are all here in this particular present moment and most of us exist in parallel worlds and other time/space dimensions. The Act of Consecration of Man was designed to accommodate such beings and situations, and only those who resonate with the positive evolution of themselves and their races and still honor human evolution, will be able to stay. Kienda observed that you all could remain and participate in the service and were, in fact, invited to do so, by the inclusive phrase, 'all those gathered as the community of Christ.' Only individuals who are willing to submit themselves to the Christ's unfolding evolutionary plan, values, ethics, and morality are able to come and participate. Their vibratory rates are synchronized and compatible.”

“So, I, Rudolph Steiner, am delighted that this august interstellar group has participated in the Act of Consecration of Man to the degree appropriate for each of you. Welcome and thank you.”

Edgar replied, “You are welcome and thank you. This service is so profound and so far reaching. The Act of Consecration of Man is a portal of conscious energy between the earthly-physical and the higher realms. Such beautiful devotion rises upward from the congregation gathered around the altar, and beings of many different realms and hierarchies gather above and beam down benevolence, clarity, and healing forces from above. It is a multi-dimensional celebration of existence “

“Three human beings, one living and two from beyond, have spoken. Kienda has been the facilitator, by attendance and the invitation through consciousness to all of us. Later we will hear from our off-planet fellows. Thank you all.”

Tuesday Afternoon, 2:30 – March 8, 2016

Edgar opened the afternoon session by saying, “We are all multidimensional beings here, even Kienda. Halo* is as well and this will be good for her. 'Defector – John Doe'* must decide now which 'side' he chooses to be on. We want to feel camaraderie and kinship, discernment and observation, but not judgment which would come if one is not committed to the group and the project. So, it is time for you to commit or not. There is no blame either way. It is simply time.”

The defector from the Illuminati Syndicate was silent for a few moments, then said, “I need to feel secure before I can make a commitment. I would like to withdraw and heal. In time, I will know which is right for me. Thank you. My heart is growing because it is breaking at leaving Halo*. Perhaps we can meet again in time.” he said, gazing sadly at her – and then he left.

Edgar blessed him, saying, “Go in peace. I trust you will find the healing and wholeness you so sincerely desire.” Then, turning to the group, he said, “Because we are all multi-dimensional, as I said, we can lay down our stories in the recording ether all at the same time, so that when we each go to read and experience one another's biographies, we will also see the touch points of our souls throughout time and space; the mutual karmic tasks we have chosen and planned; and the destiny trajectory of each one. We will also receive inspiration about our mutual tasks and projects as this group. So, tell your stories, embed them in the ethers. Read and journey and live in one another's and we will meet later in the week.”

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