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The Interstellar Team joins me on my journey to Los Angeles and shares some new experiences: Latihan

Monday Morning, March 7, 2016 – San Jacinto, California

Edgar Mitchell and his group have been joining me on my life adventures, as well as in meditative time. I took a trip to Los Angeles for a conference by the Dutch Christian Community priest, Bastian Baan.* The conference was entitled The Challenge of Evil. Rev. Baan was wonderful, the perfect compassionate individual to be talking openly about the machinations of evil.

Then Edgar and the team all came to the Act of Consecration of Man* which is the sacramental service of the Christian Community Church.* When the priest said, “All those gathered in the name of Christ”; since the ETs are on Earth in the Solar System under the leadership of Christ, and they have integrity and are moral, true, and respectful by even human standards, much less their own more highly evolved values; they willingly comply with Christ's plan of appropriate behavior in this Solar System and so they all participated in the service. Edgar was deeply moved by the celebration of the Act of Consecration of Man. He had not realized the profundity possible in such experiences of 'religion.' He was devout in his youth, but never experienced the wisdom possible in Christianity. He sees now, how the cosmic and earthly and human all work together (or can) within a conscious sacred space. Next Sunday, we will go again.

Edgar also liked Latihan* – the Subud* practice of free-form expression of the Holy Spirit, and said, “That was very interesting. We should try that.” I agree.

Monday Afternoon – 2:30, March 7, 2016

Edgar greeted me with a grin and “Hey, Cookie. (code for Kookie) Latihan, hey? Creative expression of the Holy Spirit manifest through physical forms: movement, sound, emotion, and will activity.” “Yes,” I replied, “Free-form spontaneous rites of purification and catharsis, disintegration and conscious re-creation and re-integration of a better, higher, more aware self. The experience enlightens the I.”

Edgar went on, “I think we could all do this – everyone but Halo** and the 'Defector' who are Grey hybrids and not ready for this level of emotional or Ego self-modification. But they can work with a few angels who are moving at their speed and on some of the same issues – re-education towards their worth and magnificence. Some angels have slipped and want to get back on track again at this time and the hybrids offer a perfect opportunity.”

“So would you guide us into the process, please, Kienda.” “Thank you, I replied, “Let's just get very comfortable for a few minutes/seconds. Look around the circle for a moment, then close your eyes and tune to the stillness within. In the calm and serenity, a pure desire to express may arise. Follow the promptings of your inner voice, intuition and pure desire however you experience them. It may take you through a process of your own – step by step. Trust yourself and do as guided to whatever conclusion is appropriate for you.” We sat in silence for a few minutes and I then said, “Begin in your own time.”

I sat down on a chair along the wall – we all did, and a sacred peace pervaded the room. In a short while, I got up and did a Latihan of clearing and then about relating and memories of (and I went into a subconscious state), and then just sat down again feeling satisfied. I can only tell this story in the logical, linear way because I am using words in the physical world, but it was multi-layers, to say the least. I had early on, been given a glimpse of the procreative love of Arihimsa* and his mate. He can 'fold up' his 'flaps' or extend them and couple with his love, and they unite in hearing and creating sound mutually, inside. It echoes and resonates like two chambered nautiluses put together and that can generate forces, which can manifest in many beautiful ways including the creation and nurturance of new spiritual beings.

Most of the Extraterrestrials went into memories of their home planets and the challenges of their own evolutionary stages. For each of them it went into depths known only in their own souls. There were some wet eyes when we opened them. We all sat quietly for a while and then Edgar said, “Find a friend to share and debrief with. So, everyone who had another of their race present, got together and the others turned to the closest kind.

Edgar and I came together. I admitted that I had gone sub-conscious for most of it, which I have never done before. He suggested I do a physical Latihan next time with my body, as well as the experience with the team, since I am the only one in this group who is still based in matter as my lowest vehicle.

“So, Edgar, what about you?” I asked. “I wanted to fly.” he said, “The desire and the call from high above pulled me willingly higher. I gained a new perspective on myself and my group from a more refined vibration and higher vantage point. It is good, but of course, it is not everything. It has been of great value, but I must ascend to higher realms more often now. We in this circle shall make times and places to meet together regularly, but then I realized that I have other things to do in other realms.”

“This group is very important for leavening human evolution and the personal growth and development of all participants. However, we all, you included, have other tasks in other realms and even in other galaxies. The connections made here will ripple out through time and space as an energy of love and enlightenment, and an example of interstellar racial co-operation and community. We do have tasks, and we will do them.”

“Thank you for this experience. We may not need another of this sort, since we now know how and what to do and have bonded another step along our ways together. Tomorrow we must debrief the Act of Consecration of Man* since it was our first shared 'religious rite.'”

Turning to the whole group, Edgar said, “We will debrief the Act of Consecration of Man tomorrow morning. Then we must choose a task or project that we can work on together. It may be sharing our stories more completely and improving inter-dimensional communication in the process as a prelude to a joint task. Let us prepare our offerings – multi-modal, multi-dimensional, multi-medial – all is fine. Let's have fun with this.”

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