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Taxonomy of Etheric Dimensions

Saturday Morning, February 27, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I arrived late to the meeting with Edgar Mitchell* and his group of extraterrestrials.* I was welcomed with my spiritual family, but I knew I couldn’t get up to speed, so decided and it was approved, that I sit in the corner and ‘do a little history’ to get my thoughts in order and questions clear. The following are my thoughts.

Extra Terrestrials have been meddling since at least Lemuria*. The evolution of the original beings in every stage of the solar system’s metamorphosis has resulted in some of the beings in each dimension or vibratory level to separate into at least two groups: those that evolved properly and ascended to the next higher state of being, complexity and energy; and those who did not ascend, but remained stationary in their (at that time) vibratory level. They then had an influx of beings who had formerly been ‘below’ them, ascending up into their realm. Sometimes they shared well, but often they did not. More often than not, those who had stayed behind wanted to keep the power structures of the past and saw the newly entering beings as a threat to their ‘life-style’ and their social, political, and religious institutions.

The upwardly mobile groups and individuals are in alignment with the evolutionary thrust towards ever more complex expression of individual creativity in benign forms. The retarded individuals again often broke into two camps: those that continue to desire positive earthly evolution, who support the new energies and the beings who have ascended into their realm; and those in opposition who want more power and indulge in negative expression because that way they are free and not circumscribed by any divine evolutionary imperative. From that point of view it is much easier to manipulate and dominate others. Therefore, through the billions of years of the existence of the universe, there are millions of states of being possible.

Karma* is the great divider, the simple and inexorable fact that there are consequences to everything – physical, etheric, astral and on through the dimensions above and below the human range. The laws of each discreet dimension, however, are different and so even karma functions differently on different planes. For example, in some situations, ‘opposites attract,’ while in others, ‘like attracts like.’ It might be wise and useful for us humans to understand the primary laws of the four dimensions in which we exist. And have some inkling of those we will ultimately be ascending into next.

This taxonomy of dimensions is an issue I come up to often. This might be a subject for team exploration: What are the primary laws of the various dimensions we live and work in on earth, the solar system and the galaxy?

It is observable that the beings of each level have power and responsibility over those beings on levels of less complex consciousness below. The judgments often associated with concepts like ‘above’ and ‘below’ etc. do not apply on the cosmic scale. It is simply a matter of the facts, Ma’am – the facts and data. Differing levels of vibration exist and are not inherently good or bad. Information does not exist in the realm of moral judgment. Therefore, an understanding of what the laws, parameters, and boundaries of the various dimensions affecting Earth and the solar system are, is advisable – without judgment.

Edgar said, “OK, be ready and come to the briefings at 5:00 a.m. You can start your meditation then and the actual meeting begins at 5:45. Let’s get this together, please.”

I asked for a briefing on this morning’s meeting, since I was ‘out to lunch’ with my own stuff. They had discussed the ways of healing the etheric body* of Earth, humans, and all beings that have etheric bodies:

The sound ether must be filled with song and beautiful tones. Arihimsa and his people will augment the human voices with the exceptional acoustics of their bodies.

The warmth ether needs to be balanced. Humans can put bodily warmth and warmth of heart out into the atmosphere, but in a loving, cool, almost detached way. We do not want to overtly influence others to excess by our warmth, but to allow everyone to feel the gentle warm support for their own desires and creativity.

The air and light ether can be stirred by human beings dancing and floating silks to bring gracious movement into the air ether to mitigate the jagged mechanical movements that intrude into the air and light ether by machines.

The fire and life ether can be strengthen by walking barefoot on the earth, and becoming strong in our bodies and standing noble and tall in our response to gravity. We humans are the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth. We need to work it. And, all activities, feelings, and thoughts should be drenched in love and the fire of consciousness.

Edgar added to me, “And your job, Kienda, is to do it all.”

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