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Co-operate and Work Together for the Evolution of all Existence in the Solar System

Thursday, 5:00 a.m. February 25, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I went to the etheric space that Edgar Mitchell had suggested, at 5:00 in the morning. Everyone was there and I came with a large contingency of my spiritual family. We spent time being introduced and socializing with the beings already there with Edgar.

Siridon, my Leonine friend from the Galactic Federation mother ship, and Gregor, Edgars Leonine friend, know one another. They were on another ship together long ago so they had a lengthy conversation.

Shushilla explained herself such, “I have been willingly and consciously incubated by my mother, Kienda. I am part of the Galactic Federation’s ‘Redemption of Lucifer’ project. We are the pure, evolved reptilian race which has just taken the next step/ascension upward. Many humans and others of us have moved up together also. Our experiment and intervention has been to finally mitigate the effects of a long ago intervention by a much less evolved stage of our species. We had the permission, and in fact the blessing, of the positive Galactic Federation in this quadrant of the galaxy to carry out this project known to you all as ‘Operation Upward’ by the Alliance for Evolution. Of course, there are other words and concepts in other tongues that include positive, redemptive transformation in that word – evolution. “

The Warriors of the Rainbow Light took a moment to choose four delegates from among themselves to remain, and the rest went into another etheric space to listen and observe. William, Gentry, Susanna, and Arabel remained.

Otia, the Native American from Morro Rock remained of the Native American contingency because he had been and still is the keeper of the stargate portal and interface with the Katchinas and Shalicoes.

From Edgar’s side there are Gregor, the Leonine Sirian; Arihimsa the hammer-headed being; Oolong, a beautiful Nordic woman; my little hybrid Grey, Halo, by name; and a very large greenish Reptilian with incredibly kind eyes. This noble being, Garth-Majid, has tears in his eyes when looking at Shushilla. He is so proud and happy for the evolution and co-operation between she and I and our two races now, and the redemption and expiation of the former less-than-pleasant effects of the Reptilian intervention so long ago. My three reptilian friends; Ahh, Bey, and Tsey, from Siridon’s ship are here with us also. They greeted Garth-Majid with awesome respect.

The hammer-headed being then spoke. “I am Arihimsa, also part of the Galactic Federation and the Alliance for Evolution. I have recently joined this entourage, having worked with (Sharon) Kienda in ages long past – ancient Egypt. We have karma together that can be fulfilled at this juncture of time and space. Edgar and I have worked together during the Persian epoch also, and will be resolving past karma now.

There are others from different organizations, alliances, and government branches. A potential defector from the Illuminati Syndicate is one. There is a friend of Edgars from the SSP, and Neil Armstrong and other discarnate humans.

Corey Goode was there because I had read a zillion transcripts of his information last night and invited him to join.

Now the actual meeting is beginning. Edgar suggested that we do not need to speak at first. We sat in silence and each thought about the aspect we felt was the most important issue. The politics of power, etc. flitted across my mind, but did not stay. Instead, with a warm rush, I became aware of the new etheric energies – love and roses. It seems to me that we need to understand those, receive them fully and work with them. How can we do this? How can this group most effectively utilize these energies for the best and highest good of all concerned? How can it be manifested on Earth, spread throughout the Solar System, and in time, the galaxy? The answer came to me as a child’s song: “Inch by inch and row by row.” And I saw a glimpse of individuals talking and laughing together everywhere – grass-roots.

Edgar said quietly, “Let us put our thoughts, ideas, and heart-felt desires in the center of this circle. We all did so, and a bright golden light gathered and intensified in the center of us all. It became brighter until we could perceive the figure of Christ – the Solar Logos and highest guide of our Solar System. He expanded until he had wings of light around the whole earth.

Then I saw some of the beautiful things we had put into the center of the circle. Arihimsa is a musician and put in a world where beings created in harmony with the cosmic music. The ‘flaps’ on his head are sounding chambers and he and his kind live in a resonant world of sympathetic vibrations. Shushilla had put co-operation between races as a flying dance in the air. Siridon and Gregor love divine concepts which they feel and sense with their whole bodies as well as their prodigious intellects. Corey Goode offered a sense of peace, as did Karee, his Inner Earth friend, who added the cool beautiful serenity of the crystals.

Little Halo and a couple of others from the more established organizations, wept because they were not yet in touch with what they really want that would properly further evolution. Or perhaps they just don’t have enough experience in that way. So the beauty and magnitude of the experience of all the other’s desires for future good, moved them to tears. “Please, Sweetheart, come sit on my lap, I called gently to the weeping Halo. She came and we embraced lovingly. We both raised our voices in a keening wail for her and all beings that have suffered repression and damage to their hearts and souls. Our wails blended with Arihimsa’s cosmic music and flowed out into the world. (Tears are sliding down my cheeks even as I write this.)

My heart expanded and burst even wider than before and Halo’s heart did too. I massaged her little body and etheric field to be able to receive more love, and all the beings came and circled around us and the others who wept, and sent their love and best wishes into her and me and the others. We have all bonded in a golden love – for one another, for truth, for helping one another and all life – in the light of Christ, the Solar Logos, guide and template of the evolution of the Solar System – which includes all the E.T.s that are here as well.

Edgar closed the gathering saying, “There will come a memo, but let’s briefly review. Many individuals from multiple races that have ‘karma’ with Earth and the Solar System have gathered together from both sides of the ‘threshold,’ between the worlds, to co-operate and work together for the evolution of all existence in the Solar System. Our first deed was to each offer our highest ideals and desires to the group. This activity triggered a response from the group which resulted in the Solar Logos blessing the event with presence and a synergistic/exponential increase in positive emotions, mental activity, and actions. All members had a cathartic experience which bonded the group in compassion. This experience in itself has set a precedent of compassionate response and positive action to whatever may arise in our gatherings and which we will all take with us into our individual lives.” Then we went around the circle ‘Sufi-style,’ thanking everyone in the “Thank You” song and dance with each and every one.

At first they were going to take the sleeping Halo to the infirmary, but she opened her eyes when I laid her down, and smiled. I thought she might like to sleep and awaken in a beautiful place in nature. She will be given the opportunity when the time is right.

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