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More Introductions

Monday Morning, February 8, 2016 – Sierras, California

Shushilla,* my surrogate Dragon Child, said, “I don’t really know about anyone else, but I know you, Kienda/mom, and myself. We are good and true – that I know. And I don’t ‘know’ but I see that Little Golden Love* is a child of Christed love – the astral higher aspect of the working together of the lower four ethers. She and many new beings like her are the golden bridge between the etheric and astral* worlds. She is a Christed etheric being who has ascended upwards toward the astral world. She is the ‘Spirit Self’* of the four Elementals* of your body, Kienda, their first transformed aspect.

‘Halo’*, the hybrid Grey you knew and loved as a baby has been imprinted with Christed love by your time together. She has, however, been reared in a non-christed environment and educated in an ahrimanic system of the military. There is a little spot in her heart that still glows, but it has been locked away and there are a number of crusts – crusty hard layers around her heart. She has learned or been indoctrinated in keeping a shield up around herself. When you first saw and recognized each other when you met Edgar Mitchell in the etheric worlds, she was taken by surprise and you ran to each other and hugged. But when you wanted her to sit on your lap, she felt awkward and almost repulsed. But, the little bit of golden love in her heart is glowing brighter than before you were reunited.”

Shushilla continued, “Christed love is the most powerful force in this solar system. Christ in the astral realm is imbuing love with tremendous power. Christ* said to humankind, ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ And you should.”

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