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The Elemental’s Tale: Rugadump the Gnome King Begins

Monday Morning, April 11, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I was having trouble settling into my meditation – wild California turkeys, noise, all the lights in the house on full and clattering garbage trucks. But when I got to calling my spiritual family in, I realized that Rugadump, Ondine’, Sylvie, and Snap* should tell from their experience, how meditation affects their specific ether.

It's time for our meeting and Edgar and Rudolf Steiner* agree. "Good morning and welcome to another meeting of chaos – just kidding," said Edgar. "Just a rocky start. We have in this august assemblage, a being from each of the five ethers: Rugadump – earth, Ondine’ – water, Sylvie – air, Snap – fire, and Little Golden Love has newly been born into the fifth ether – the fifth element which is indeed love. So let us proceed."

Rudolf Steiner stood and the five elemental beings stood with him. He began, "These dear beings are deeply moved and delighted to share with this circle. Their races have had a rocky relationship with humanity since the beginning of time, at the fall in Lemuria*. Ever since free will descended into humanity, their creations have been used for positive and negative – good and evil. Because the Elementals are children of creation and our brothers and sisters, the moral gradient has brought them joy and satisfaction, or pain and a feeling of loneliness and separation from the divine imperative – to evolve higher into living love. The human/elemental relationship has gone through cycles from creative cooperation to out-and-out war. Each culture and society, down to the community, family, and individual levels; has had its own unique relationship to nature – the physically manifest creation of the etheric elemental world – from the mother goddess worship of all natural phenomena, through the ages that included the feminine in their theology. Although, there was always a small fraction of humanity that strode the dark path of evil, who use the forces of nature and substances – mineral, plant, and animal – not for veneration, healing, and enlightenment; but for their own egotistical, lower, negative wants and desires. Humans in the service of Lucifer and Ahriman dragged the Elemental beings downward with them into processes of twisting and perversion, decay and death."

“As you know of Earth history, there have been cycles, many concurrent cycles, of natural expansion and natural contraction. Day and night, the seasons of the year, and breathing and heartbeat are the most basic cycles, intrinsic experiences, and easy to understand. Many of the cycles such as the rise and fall of cultural epochs are far beyond an individual lifespan, though they are not incomprehensible to higher human thought."

“Let's get specific about the floundering of human and Elemental relationships. The middle ages and the conquest of the indigenous nature religions by the Roman Catholic Church, which led to the extremity of the inquisitions and witch hunts, was a terrible perversion of the results of Christ's deed. Christ's percepts were not followed. Simple human kindness was not guiding the world. People under the influence of the dark powers were ruthlessly controlling the world. And though it's been up and down a bit, the trajectory of world power and domination has continued in a downward spiral, culminating in World War II and the atomic bomb."

“In every aspect of conquer and control, the force have utilized the created material of the physical world – the handcrafted work and products of the Elementals – to cause pain, suffering, anger, sorrow, and fear. Torture, destruction, and death have been dealt by their beautiful gifts of physical matter. Although we humans have also created art and beauty in the physical world, using their physical matter, it is clear now that we have defiled earth and are destroying nature around ourselves – plants and animals are becoming extinct, trash and poisons are fouling our water, air, and earth. Simply put, the Elementals are disrespected, ignored, and misused. And, we are reaching a critical point on earth.”

“It behooves us now to communicate with the Elementals. It is time to open our spiritual eyes, ears, and all senses to communicate and work together, to save what can be saved on earth, to work with the Elementals in the etheric realms to heal radiation, and to restore the building blocks of the universe – the atoms of matter. That is a story and issue we will address later. Now we will hear from the elemental kingdoms. Thank you." And Rudolf Steiner bowed to the diminutive beings around him and sat down.

Edgar stood up, "Thank you Dr. Steiner. We will hear the elemental stories at our next meeting. It may or may not happen, due to automobile shifting, although Kienda is learning how to roll with the punches and carry on. So, if not this afternoon then tomorrow morning. Thank you, and I am looking forward to the elemental tales." He added smiling at them encouragingly.

Tuesday Morning, April 12, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

Time and space equal wave and particle. In the etheric worlds beyond the physical material, they are one and inter-penetrating. In the material world, time is etheric: space is physical, and the two states are mutually existent in all things and beings beyond the physical. Consciousness decides the form. There is something here about bi-location or multiple locations. Christ and other spiritual beings are able to be in multiple places at the same time. Human beings all over the globe can experience Christ at the same time – each experience unique.

“Good morning," said Edgar, "we are off and running. Please continue Dr. Steiner* and Elemental contingency*. Thank you." Rudolf Steiner rose with the cluster of five Elementals around him. "Thank you. Yesterday the gnome king Rugadump, was prepared to communicate." And he gestured to the diminutive being who, at that moment began to expanded his presence. I could feel his divine, noble energy and settled down to write. As he spoke he seemed to grow younger. At first he had a beard and was old and wrinkled and wizened up, but he became younger until instead of the classical image of a dwarf or gnome, he appeared as a noble young slender knight. His voice was soft and melodious. "Thank you, Dr. Steiner. I am/we are grateful for this opportunity to share. I am Rugadump, the most evolved of the gnomes who design and create the will of Christ, from higher hierarchies, into the physical matter of the earth and the solar system. We interrelate with extraterrestrial material that enters our realm – solar system physicality – by way of comets and such material. When ships and living beings enter our space and desire to materialize, we are employed in the becoming-physical process."

“Otherwise, we are the ground you walk on and are responsible for the stability of all manifested existence. I will only speak of earth because we are planetary bound. There are other branches of our races that have specifically developed on each planet, and, of course, the sun is held in form by solar Elementals fulfilling the will of Christ."

“We love Christ and his pattern of evolution for this solar system. We are the most ancient beings to have precipitated out of the chaos of the primordial soup – before time began. We have been working steadily for eons and eons on our own specific tasks – at first through trial and error, discovering the boundaries and principles of the material elements of what is now called the periodic table. In the beginning, only a few elements, low on the 'table' formed and coalesced out of the all. They began to interrelate and accrete which left room for the denser atoms to take shape. Then began the dance of atomic creation of matter. Patterns of movement brought groups of atoms into new relationships. Some felt a positive desire to continue adding and expanding. This phase of first contact among the elements roiled through the solar system until due to the resonance waves from the sun's song of creation, various planetary spheres and orbits began to stabilize a sufficient amount of physical matter of at first rudimentary, loosely-knit form. Young planets are soft, flexible, mobile, and malleable. The force of gravity is not the cause of planetary creation but the results of accumulated attraction of atoms and molecules of the elements. When a sufficiently dense state has been the achieved, the excess adherent force becomes a generalized, non-specific attraction which is centralized by the consciousness of the planetary entity as the gravity of the planet itself. It has, of course, changed in the eons and billion year cycles.”

“My brothers and I were there in the beginning, working to prepare the physical ground of existence and the matter that in time would host conscious life, aspects of our divine Lord Christ*, whose first children we are.” Rugadump ceased speaking and looked around the circle. "This is the beginning of my story and the foundation for the stories of every being in this solar system. I will continue and address our evolution and then the crucial issues we face now. But I myself would like to know, is this a pattern on all or even most other planetary systems in this galaxy and universe?" He remained standing and gestured around the circle with both hands held palm turned upward.

Garth-Majid* rose ponderously. "I will speak of the many millions of planets inhabited by the various branches of my race the Reptilians. And, of course, Dragons are a highly evolved branch of us. I will use the term 'species' as in branches or individualized groups who evolved variations in response to their specific star system's conditions. We were one of the first forms of individualized sentient life that developed spontaneously on a number of planets when creation was still quite young. Physical density that could support bodies complex and large enough to house individualized consciousness, had stabilized to a sufficient degree – though from today's viewpoint, the worlds were still violently active and inhospitable. No contemporary human could live in those conditions. Neanderthal man could not survive either. Only hearty, plucky creatures protected from the volatile environment by thick scales could live. So we did. Because so many unattached and uncompounded elementary atoms were still in the atmosphere, we could eat or absorb nutrient atoms from the air. On many of our home planets, we, an animal form, grew alongside the early plant forms. Our physical bodies were not dense, and so were infused with prodigious amounts of etheric forces. That explains our ancient knowledge.”

“We have the ancestral memory of the creation of life on our planet which has given many of my people great wisdom in creating new life forms, through genetics and even technology which is simply the physical manifestation of spiritual realities. Because we were one of the first races developing simultaneously with a few others across the small but expanding universe, there were no interlopers and meddlers until much later, on our evolutionary path. We had long precipitated out of the spiritual worlds into physical existence, before we were conquered by others of our own race from other planets.”

Garth-Majid continued, “Our memory goes back the farthest of all. The story of the earth's creation as told by Lord Rugadump is true to my understanding. Thank you, it is such an honour to weave again the stories of our great universe."

Arihimsa* graciously arose to tell his tale. "My people came from what some humans call a parallel universe, but it is also accurate to perceive it as a former incarnation on the other side of the eye of the needle – a big bang somewhere in the vicinity of this universe. We had evolved to an exalted state and had just made the final ascension out of our astral world into devachanic realms as our lowest vehicle, when the explosion/implosion of our universe occurred. We were hurled into this, your present universe and this galaxy which was quite young and in a very primitive state. On earth, we brought many gifts of skill and intelligence – we are referred to as the Builder Race. We could travel in craft as well is in thought teleportation. Those were good years of imparting knowledge to receptive audiences of sweet-tempered young humanity still ripe with potential. The luciferic temptation was just beginning to do its work as humanity needed intelligence and a certain level of development and grasp of free will to choose the dark side and lose their connection with the divine influence, or remain in conscious union with all that is. We came with the young Lord Christ’s blessing. We were allies for the good, the beautiful, and true.”

“But the implantation by Lucifer* of himself and his minions into human astral bodies, was a worm and a canker that destroyed from within. And when Ahriman* came on the scene, it was clear that our work here was done. There was little we could do to stem the tide of violence, fear, anger, and the evil men chose to do. We left this beautiful home away from home and travelled out to assist other planets and their evolution. In the annals of this galaxy we are known by many different names. We are a major force in the evolutionary thrust to the positive. And, yes, I also affirm Lord Rugadump's story." Arihimsa smiled broadly and said, “Let me sing you a little song of creation. Thank you." And he began to sing.

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