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For Every Truth there are at Least Two Lies and a Rant to Myself

Thursday Morning, March 3, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I awoke hearing Edgar say, “For every truth there are at least two lies. We each need to do our best to discern. There are no guarantees.”

Here is a debriefing of my difficulty. I woke up in a sweat, having the thought and feeling that lies were being placed in my mind. I did not successfully thwart the uneasy feeling and so was not free and clear when I got to Edgar and the circle. We did some line dancing, square and contra dancing, but I couldn't get grounded and was too fuzzy to clarify my thoughts and sort out what is mine and what was placed in there in the form of lies.

Because I was up too late last night on Facebook (good stuff, but I was not disciplined enough to keep my word to myself and go to bed at 10:00.) Doing that opened a place of untruth within me. Not doing what I say I will do, is very detrimental to me and opens up schisms and cracks in my otherwise cohesive energy fields. So, the bottom line is: I blew it again this morning. I couldn't get clear enough to consciously participate. I will go again at 2:30 this afternoon.

I think the F-scan (a Rife style frequency generator*) work has been a problem also. I am under physical stress dealing with the toxins of the pathogens– their demise and their frantic attempts to avoid death. I have got to get myself clear and clean physically, although the mental discipline should help to clear away undesired things, as well. It's a matter of sleep and food and exercise and discipline of myself. I have been too loose and lazier faire for a while now – a long time really. I must and will settle down to my own business.

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