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Multidimensional Melting Pot

Wednesday Morning, March 2, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

This morning I was up before the alarm, ready to meditate. Then we went to socialize with everyone before the actual meeting began. It was wonderful to connect with everyone and I am very drawn to and enjoy the vibrations of Arihimsa.* I came to understand the 'flaps' as I call them on the sides of his head, which is reminiscent of a hammer-headed shark, but which is soooo far away from his energy and stage of evolution. The ‘flaps’ work like holding a large seashell to the ear. It funnels and enhances the sound, which, when he is singing or speaking is like an acoustical chamber which get the harmonics resonating. We both enjoy each other’s energy. We stood beside one another and were a pair of masculine/feminine. After the welcome by Edgar we stood in gender pairs around the circle and with my body sitting in bed, I did mudhras and tried out different configurations of hand positions for sending and receiving energy. We need more females in our group to balance the polarities.

After our experience, Edgar said, “Let's review: We made sacred geometry by sending and receiving energy through our hands, left – blue, receiving, and right – red, giving, and from the two flows of divine energy from above – white, and below – black. We alternated male and female of many races, loosely paired through natural personal affinity. As we faced the circle, Christ was the center point and the axis of the forms that were energetically created. We made a variety of patterns. Then we all turned outward and sent the beautifully formed patterns like snowflakes out into our worlds – to our friends and families for healing and love, to Earth for healing and peace, to the Solar System for healing and harmony and to the Galaxy and the Universe.”

“Thank you. We will continue this experiment in many different configurations for a while now. As more individuals join us, we will expand in complexity and scope. This compassionate order and co-operative participation by many diverse individuals and races is what the world needs now. We are creating, under the Solar Logos'* guidance, new templates for order, harmony and interaction in the etheric worlds. We are preparing the landscape of the Fifth Ether* – a multidimensional melting pot. It is the metamorphosed vibrational realm created by the higher octave, the ascended essence of the original four ethers of Earth.”

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