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Edgar’s First Classic Rant

Tuesday Morning, March 1, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

“If you come dragging your sorry little ass in here late all the time, this is not going to work.” Edgar* is angry and disappointed in me. “Is this important or not? You, girrrl, need to tighten up ship if you are going to fly with us. There is valid precision in these worlds, just like in the physical. Stop indulging in idiocy. WTF value is there in Facebook? Eating things that cloud your mind? Staying up late in a stupor? WTF value in self-defeating behaviors? So, we have been waiting for you and even when you come, you are not clear and ready to work. Do you not value this? If we are going to work together and create an energy for Christ's joining, and synergizing healing for the etheric worlds – and you and your 'posse' are a part of the experience – then you need to be here on time and ready. It has to mean something to you. It can't just be casual – maybe/maybe not. If it doesn't mean enough to you to be awake, meditated and on time, then don't bother to come and interrupt us or make us all wait.”

“You are valuable and could be an asset, but if you are not at your best, you are obstructive and a distraction. So, please, Sharon*, I beg of you, get your shit together. Be here at your finest and share your best. Nothing at this time is more important. Get your needed sleep and exercise. Discipline yourself. Take yourself seriously. Sharpen up your game!! Please!! We all want you here. It's time to move along to bigger and better things, but you have got to be capable of doing them.”

“You can't just sit there thinking it’s all going to come to you and adjust itself to your foibles and weaknesses. That subtle, selfish egotism is not fair to the rest of us. You are holding the circle hostage to your dysfunction. AND, you can do better!! You can and have done much better. Now you just need to buckle down to remain clearly conscious of your higher self – 'Christ in you,'* as you like to say. Well, 'Christ in you' is not a lazy, sloppy, self-destructive being. Who is that 'in you?' Not Christ.”

“You are not as content-poor as the beer and television crowd, but chocolate, sugar, and Facebook (as code word for distracting banter about important issues) is the same pattern of non-self-disciplined activity and general waste of time. You can't do everything, so you might as well do what you uniquely can do. Even the dumbest can do stuff in the physical world. Not everyone can meet here with this group of inter-dimensional beings and work and experience consciously in the etheric and astral realms. So please do it! – and in a timely and self-disciplined manner.”

“Set your damn timer and learn to keep to a schedule and modify time to suit your needs and purposes. For a while, always do your self-chosen activities. Time is malleable – mold it to your needs and desires. It is happy to co-operate. Heal and shape your body. Give your internal physical engine only hi-octane fuel. Why, in God's name, would you pour sand and sludge into your gas tank? Maybe it's not in 'God's' name. That kind of self-destructive behavior sounds more like the opposition. Why do you want the remnants of luciferic habits and the promptings of Ahriman and the Azuras to influence your sacred body temple? Ridiculous!!Align with Christ – your higher self – in you.” “Follow the positive, clear, compassionate inspirations from your heart and mind, rather than the habits of your slothful body. Then you will have the clarity and energy to perceive your destiny path and walk it both proudly and humbly in the right way. Now you are sliding down the slippery slope of self-indulgence, headed nowhere good.”

“We here cannot trust you until you master yourself a little (or a lot) better. So, do the best you can. On this trip, if you can't make it at 5:00 (which you could and should), like today, we will also convene at 2:30 in the afternoon.”

“It is not just information I am interested in conveying across the veil, it is action that is needed. Action, even in the spiritual worlds of higher vibratory rates, needs synchronicity – like synchronized swimming. An agreed upon time-frame and flow. We create 'nodes' of mutual experience within the eternal unbounded flow of time and space. That in itself is a spiritual act and disciplines the inner organs of inter-dimensional time/space perception and the capacity for modification of said organs and functions. So, let's do this. Let's meet at 5:30 and prep for the meeting at 5:45 together. Begin your preparatory meds (meditations) at 5:00 and be ready and alert when you come. No more of this sorry, saggy butt dragging up here. If that's your choice, keep it earthly. Don't drag your idiocy up into the higher realms. We have enough real work to do already without have to nurse-maid you with some kind of a material hang-over from bad food, no exercise and lack of sleep.”

“So, thanks, get it together. See you at 2:30 today. Heal yourself with divine help and grace. Be your magnificent self here and there and everywhere.”

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