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The Cosmic Christ and The Interstellar Team

Sunday, 5:00a.m. February 28, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

After my usual meditations, we (my posse and I) were presenting ourselves to the circle before the official meeting began: me, Chrystalina* (my Angel)and Regalis* (my transformed luciferic imp), Rugadump,* Ondene’*, Sylvie,* and Snap* (the Elementals* who work in my body), Christian* (my infant son who died of SIDS many years ago), Dorje* (my Tibetan son who died many years ago, also), Shushilla,* Siridon,* Ah, Bey, and Tsey,* four Warriors of the Rainbow Light* and Otiah.*

I took a moment to thank Arihimsa* for the musical assistance. He is happy because there was so much good singing for him to work with. I shared that I sang for a long time and about everyday things that were happening, and that Athena* has been singing and dancing a lot also, and then it was time to begin the meeting.

Edgar began, “Welcome friends and compatriots. Let us debrief the effects of yesterday’s meeting. Arihimsa expressed his satisfaction at working with the singing. Siridon said something good about dancing. A few others spoke about their positive experiences doing healing work for the etheric worlds.”

Then, Edgar said, “Let’s get to it. Today we would like to understand how ETs are affected by coming to Earth and into the solar system.” We in the circle all beamed and felt the golden presence of Christ, His love, and the roses. Our vibrations rose beautifully and I looked around the circle with fresh eyes. “So we see,” said Edgar, “that when Christ can enter the space, because the vibrations are high enough, that He can be in the midst of earthlings and extra-terrestrials from beyond our solar system and affect them all positively.”

“Now, we know that there are beings who cannot raise their vibrations to include love and compassion, as Sharon (Kienda) has recently learned. What can we do about this? What action can be taken? What shall we, this circle of friends and compatriots do?”

Siridon* spoke, “Well, there is gratitude for those who have cleared out the worst pockets of ‘opposition.’ And there is gratitude and support for those who work with Christ for clearing and protecting Earth and the solar system, and who are so far advanced in their own evolution that their impulses and motives align with earthly evolution also. Of course, no race is all inherently evil. Everyone or almost every form of manifested existence is still caught on the dualistic horns of the dilemma.”

Gregor* continued, “The energies we can generate here among this wonderfully diverse group, are so powerful that perhaps we can always begin by giving our best to the center of the circle and offering it to the world – to every being on and in planet Earth. In time, it might become a shield or gate through which any interlopers must pass and must feel the vibration. They can then choose if they want to come on planet or not. Do they want to resonate this way or not? Perhaps this energy can help to set the tone for their Earth experiences.”

Shushilla* said, “Yes, that is a fine idea, and until the energies can encompass the planet, which will take time and a few more of us, the love and respect we feel for one another and the team, will begin the healing of the etheric worlds of Earth. It will spread with the beating of each heart and within the rhythmic systems of each of us and that will influence each of our races by sympathetic vibration.”

Arihimsa said, and we all agreed as he spoke, “We must remain small and grow one by one. Each of us will communicate with the few others in our race who will understand and support this idea and work, and who might join us as appropriate. Each individual raises the energy by their vibration and their vibration is raised by the group. It is a lovely synergy.”

“Thank you all. Do we agree with what has been spoken here?” Edgar asked. Everyone assembled nodded in agreement. “Then, this is what we have agreed upon: we will continue in our gatherings to place our highest ideals at the service of all life here on planet Earth and to all beings that enter her sphere. We align ourselves individually and as a group with Christ, the Solar Logos* and the source of Love in the solar system. We gratefully know that these acts further the positive evolution of Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy and the Universe, as well as being the compassionate leaven of consciousness that aids our races from all over the galaxies, and our individual selves in fulfilling our personal destinies.”

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