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Humans are in a Little Manipulated Bubble

Wednesday Afternoon, February 24, 2016 – Marin Valley, California

I went in search of Edgar Mitchell this afternoon, however, there was a terrible racket and noise going on outside the house. He said, “You think you’ve got it bad. Well, it’s crazy up here, too. I was involved in the space program, but was not allowed to keep all my memories of the ETs and that whole side of it. Now that I am here in other planes, I see how complex and needful it is. The insanity on earth is on its way – and has been for a while now – into the solar system. The incredible domination on earth will leak out like a disease with our attempts to colonize the moon and other planets. There are too many non-human races meddling in our evolution. And even the humanoid kinds are so different and have different aims, goals, and agendas. How can this be in the beauty and serenity of space?”

“Humans are in a little manipulated bubble. The manipulators are evil and have no regard for human evolution. In fact, they are against it. The humans on top have been manipulated themselves. They have been possessed, or programmed to act only in their own self-interest, and against humanity and the earth. But their own self-interest has been manipulated. There will be an end to all of this and they will lose the last bits of their souls as well as everything else in their contrived world.”

“You are right, Edgar,” I said, “We are on the same page.” “Call me Ed,” he said. “OK, Ed, what can we do about all this?” He thought for a while and then said, “Let’s call a meeting and see who comes.” “OK, when and where?” “5:00 a.m. tomorrow in this etheric room.” I tried to bargain for 6 a.m., but he was clear – 5:00 was the best time.

The noise outside my room was reaching a frenzied pitch with chain saws, blowers and guys talking at the top of their lungs. I persevered anyway and realized that the whole spiritual family will come with me to the meeting, and a few members of the Galactic Federation wing in the New Jerusalem, as well. We, individual humans and human-friendly Extraterrestrials need to make our own alliance and figure this all out.

I asked Christ if He would be there and He said, “It might be a good idea for everyone to come up here to the New Jerusalem where all of the members of the life-affirming Galactic Federation have their new offices. Perhaps next time for the next meeting we can gather here.” I stopped meditating and took the scarf from my eyes. As soon as I stopped trying, the noise subsided. There is opposition everywhere, but today we have accomplished something, anyway.

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